Which one is at least better?
1)To get lost deep in dense forest
2)To get lost in Arid desert
This is the question i was once asked by Italian travel agent when we lost direction in Chalbi desert,North Easter part of Kenya when we were trying to look for a short cut to Lake Turkana.


  • i rather get lost in a dense forest because i have lots of chances to survive than in a desert. My reasons are
    1) in a forest chance are high that i will get water to drink
    2) the chances of meeting people are hight than in a desert

  • Sure! In 2006 me and my friend we got lost deep in dense Mt Kenya forest from 4pm to 9pm, we really had a big big problem because their were dangerous animals but lastly at night we managed to rescue our selves so i have experience and that's why i quickly agree with you.

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