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expiry date

My daughters travelling to the uk on the 12th of june til the 8th of july, from australian on an australian passport, that expires on the 8th of september, do i need to renew before travelling TIA


  • The UK simply states that your passport must be valid through out your stay
    However the difficulty sometimes arises from the airline, they are the ones who may make problems because the passport does not have six months validity, so I would check with the airline you are travelling with.
  • my sister has a visa for one year but they have mentioned that she can stay only 180 days. does this means that means that she can stay 180 days only, can she return home for a while and then spend another month in the UK witht the same visa?
  • The maximum length of a visit is 6 months but she can leave the UK and return to spend more time.
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