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Advice about visa for my iranian partner

edited May 2014 in Visa and Passport
My partner went home to visit his family a year ago he travelled back through Turkey back to get back to uk he was stopped an was taken into Turkish prison for 3weeks and deported back to Iran . He has applyed for new passport which will be arriving very soon an now wants to know how does he get his British visa as Turkey has kept it where should he go an what can he do does any one know ?


  • What type of  UK visa did your partner have before he left? Why was he imprisoned for 3 weeks in Turkey and deported as Iranians do not need a visa for Turkey. How did he enter Iran without a passport? Please answer these questions then I can give you some answers.
  • He had a indefinite leave to remain visa an had a iranian passport but has applyed for new one an is due to get very soon as it's taken a year . He was held due to when his passport an visa was issued they put his date of birth a year behind his actually bday but was there mistake an had to go court in Iran to prove he was telling truth . He was visiting friend for week in Turkey en was due to be back for my bday but it didn't go to plan. He been living in uk since 15 an travelled to Iran when he was 26 an been in Iran for a year now :(
  • And can I do anythink ? We're not married either but was planning too but feel everythink is on hold for us
  • As soon as your partner is given his Iranian passport he must apply for a returning resident visa. He will have problems if he has changed his date of birth when he applies for a UK visa. This cannot be the reason he was deported from Turkey, how would the Turks know his date of birth was incorrect? The Turkish authorities do not keep passports of foreign nationals if they did he could not have entered Iran.

    If he has been in the UK eleven years he should have a British passport by now. Where are his family? Where is the evidence that he has indefinite leave to remain? There are discrepancies in your partners story .
    He must complete the form VAF4B on line as a returning resident here is the guidance and evidence he will require in support of the application 

  • Date was wrong birth certificate sorry . But I'm not sure ? He didn't apply for 1 I don't think I had told him before he left uk but he is a man they know best lol . His family are in Iran . Wouldn't it be on his passport indefinite leave to remain which was taken an now applied for new one . Thank you very much for your time and help very grateful ;)
  • You said he does not have his passport it was taken by the Turkish authorities. That passport would have his indefinite leave to remain stamped inside without that passport he will have a hard time to prove he has indefinite stay.
  • Yeh it has but he was told to apply for another passport in Iran so he has done that an be with him very soon he been travelling to tehran every 3/4weeks to passport office
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