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am I being scammed

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I have been talking to a man by the name of Patrick Lincoln Jones supposedly lives in Atlanta, Ga. Originally born in Australia works for a antique gallery in Atlanta, Ga by the name of Foxtails Antiques and Galleries. He is 46 yrs. old his mother's name is Colleen father is deaded died July 2011. He says he went to South Africa on buiness and his debit card isn't working there he left going there on May 8 today is May 24 I have spoke with him on the phone several times since he has been gone but mostly talked thru yahooIM. I met him on he has been very sweet and caring but keeps having delays about why he can't come home just yet but has never asked me to send him any of my money which I dont have and I made very clear at the beginning of our conversations.He never asked for my help I just volinteered to have money put Iinto my account to have it sent to him by Money Gram by me later on. In the mean time while waiting to do this my power was disconnected and I couldn't pay to have it turned back on but he told me when the client's money went in my account to take what I needed to pay my bill to have my power reconnected. The money til this day as of May 24 still has never went in my account and no money has been taken out it will soon be 3 weeks since we started talking and he says he can't and won't come home until his business and the client has sent the money to my account for me to send him to buy some kind of rare antiques he told what they were but I can't remember. I know this really sounds crazy but I truely love him and would do whatever it takes to help him so I could spend my life with him. I have 3 pictures of the same person but all in different places one of him in a business suit another in a t-shirt and jeans in a livingroom and one outside with a friend with a jacket on watching a rugby game. Please help me I'm so worried. Thnks Red


  • Please help me to know if this person aboutIis a scammer Patrick Lincoln Jones of Atlanta, Ga he had no children is divorced mothers name is Colleen father deceased as of July 2011.
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    Firstly you don't sound as if you have much money , and scammers only put money into bank accounts where they know there will be money, for once they have your bank details they can clean out your bank account or use your bank account to launder money to which you could become an accessory to a federal offence

    This is a scam and deep down you know it. The client should be sending money to the store and someone at the gallery should be sorting out problems not some woman he has only met on the internet.
    South Africa is not a poor country and has thousands of tourists every year so debit and credit cards do work. 

    How can you love someone you have never met? Have you ever Skyped with him? Does he have a US accent? Have you tried calling the gallery? You can't because it does not exist.  He is a scammer and you are deluding yourself if you think you are going to spend your life with him. 

  • No I have Skyed him I don't know what that is. Yes he has a US accent.Yes I called the Gallery it does exist I was told they have serval people working for them of buying, selling, and reseaching rare antiques and artifacts but they can't release any names to people over a phone of who works for them.
  • Skype is where you talk face to face via the computer it is free and you would then see if he is the same man as in his photos. The gallery does not exist it is a set up. Keep away from this man.
  • The Gallery does exist in Atlanta Georgia they have a very large website. I have a friend that her siter lives up there and they went in the store stuff is very expensive there.
  • he might've done his research and knows that this place exists and there would be no way for you to verify if he indeed works for them.  Skype if you don't have it upload it, if they refuse to Video chat, then that is a big red flag...check that out, and only 3 pictures?  and they have phone apps that they can call you from your own local area code so that you don't know where he's calling from.  have you been able to call him?  and they don't ask you for money at first, but having your acct info is like a gold mind to them...I've done plenty of research. Noone can tell you what to do, just be safe and keep your eyes open.  best of luck
  • We have downloaded skype to video chat yes it is the same person. He still to this day has never asked me for a cent.supposed to come back home Friday.
  • You still gave him your bank account details and his company did not assist when he claimed he had difficulties.
  • You say he's in South Africa? Then his story is crap. South Africa has first-world banking and infrastructure, with multiple easy ways to send and receive money. If you can send him a Moneygram, then why can't whoever was supposed to put the money in your account? I've personally received money from the US, Ireland, and Sweden via Western Union and electronic transfer. Seriously, he's lying.
  • Given your story, I think he lied you. In addition to the others comments, when someone you never met face-to-face ask you to send money with a money agent like Money Gram or Western Union, you can be sure it's a scam. They look very nice, they give you some details about them, they show you pictures, unfortunatly it's false. 

    How have you met this man? Have you received an email? Have you met him on a forum? To be sure he's lying, you can try to contact him with another address email, in the same context you met him the first time.You will see if he said the truth or not.

    I hope it will get better
  • Hi you are definitely being scammed.  I have been chatting to the exact same person and have seen the exact same 3 pictures of him as you have.  Only difference is, is that he told me that he is living in South Africa and that he was thinking of relocating to the UK to set up an Antique business here.  He gave me the sob story of £755,000.00 having been stolen from his home that some of his clients had allegedly given him for items he had to purchase.  I started chatting to him on the 5th May and its about a week ago on Sunday that he was supposedly robbed.  I've been accused of being uncompassionate and a mean person and not a very good friend as I wouldn't borrow him the money but I had cottoned onto him by then.  I have reported him to the fraud investigation team as I don't see why he should get away with scamming vulnerable, innocent people.

  • Good for you. They shouldn't get away with it. Thats awful.
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    I am encountering the same situation with a lady (33-yrs.old) who wants my personal banking information, so her client can deposit funds into my account, and then, for me to forward her the funds via MoneyGram to South Africa. She claims to be working on a zoo rehab project somewhere in South Africa. She told me some hillside region but no name of the zoo; and she has been working on this 'so-call' project for a year. There are three major zoos, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, and Pretoria, which do not need major rehab, at the moment, especially a years work. I also asked where she is staying and gave me fictitious hotel name at a city that does have that type of hotel. One point, I asked her to give me the name of her client, which did, including the phone numbers, so I called them both....they have slight British accents (like from India), they insisted for me to her this girl out by using my bank account. I told them to send her the money 'themselves' via MoneyGram, no way in hell they will get my accounts. I traced the numbers, which they are located in Philadelphia and Manhattan. So I called them back, told them that there are MoneyGram outlets nearby, so go pay this girl, and they got mad at me....must of touched a nerve. That same day, scam girl called me back furious about my actions.
    After a year of "on and off" communications, and the bull-shit piling up, I told her "no way"!
    The weird part, I met her through LinkedIn and Facebook, and she tried to lure me into a sweet loving relationship, if I help her and that when she backs to the states, she would make it up to me. Yeah right!
  • RemMarcus, thank goodness you had the good sense to recognise this woman is a scammer. Good luck for the future.
  • Thank you Alethia
    If any one needs advise on what to recognize with these scammers, feel free to ask.
    I hope no jeopardizes their finances and personal information.
  • You people are just been so negative, whats the prove that you are all not crapping things up because you have been through some hell. redladybug dont let people with negative minds kinds to lead you through hell, they cant give happiness because they can take the one you have. All am going to say is that once you have your man and you verify been real so what do you need an advice from people who dont have what you? Just imagine that standing by a liar which never been through anything just like RemingtonMarcus real name Marcus Raphael Guizar who go blackmailing my name on here by telling all lies. This are not people to listen too because there life is all lies and they are total lies to themselves.
  • Carolyn, whatever you're drinking please order me a case... I'd love being completely nuts too...


  • Carolyn, go back to your home planet   >-) Your time on Earth is done  :-h
  • These are called Catfish scams. They try to take your money and ID, nothing else do they care about! Think about it, you have been chatting online for only a few days/weeks and already discussing bank account info? Don't do it! If you meet a truly caring person online, that person will be happy chatting about life and maybe skyping in due time. There should be no reason for your financial information or ID proof i.e. DL or SSN to be discussed.
  • Thanks Terry, i dont drink but sometimes one need to be nuts to come assholes that pretends to be nice and that are complete animals hiding under human skin. Alethia your time is done on earth and its tome for you to die, idiot i knew from the day i saw your comment from all the bullshit Marcus said. You dont know me nor know Marcus but you think you can stand by opening your mouth to go saying bullshit that you wouldn't even accept from anyone, that shows how senseless you really are.  And you Wanderaround go back and read what they wrote to have some sense to contribute to what they are talking about, are you both Marcus mother and father? You both are stupid, maybe you should go back to the lie Marcus wrote you and read it all back all over again. I am Marcus have know for over a year, go back to him and ask. So because i dont end up been with him now meaning he should be going around saying stunts about me isn't it. Which means you both can go saying stupid things about people that dont want you either because of your nonsense, go back to Marcus and ask him if anyone ever asked of all the shit you are talking.  
  • Both Wanderaround and Alethia both of you are just the same back stabbers as Marcus Raphael Guizar, its shows that you both can do the said stupidity to anyone else even with the people you are talking too here. Tell me whats makes you both think you are never some scammer as well just using this site to cover up and all of that?  Come to think of it, you were been judgemental to people you dont know neither you never meet just as people telling you worse of the people you never knew them or meet them before either. So why cant you think before you open your mouth or make use of thoes filty hands to type, its been blackmailing which none of your will never be happy if such happens to any or your family or your relatives. Please use your brain and dont let your brain use you. Stop painting people black and white. Then stop acting like snitch ok.
  • Cant you think or reason, Marcus Raphael Guizar cant face me to say all the bullshit or defend it then why are you people saying things you dont know because someone get on here to say it. What you guy prove of all this, yes we both know bad happens, but before we talk lets reason not to take the anger of the bad that happens in the world on people we dont know or meet before. Tell me if i get online here and say that Marcus Raphael Guizar scammed me, which means you people will also say something horrible because you are so full of saying it or isn't what its all about. Common reason and stop it and act mature with your sense in your skull to do something good with it not to go say bullshit about people. When anyone complain about who the met ask then what happen and show the prove.
  • For Marcus Raphael Guizar, i will post him on Google blackmails and have is career destroy. He cant just face me for it, i should show him that am not one of the people he had spoiled the image in the past. His wife left him because of all the insult and humiliation he gave her everywhere and  blackmails which i feel he should learn from that but its like he never learn and i will teach him a learn he will never forget.
  • Holy cow! LOL

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    8-X Why do theses crazies spill their guts on here. ? 
  • Its looks crazies spilling guts in here right, its all because you need to be thought a lesson that you should use your brain not your feet. Then you needs to grow up not acting like a child.
  • Carolyn... with all due respect... please try this little experiment: Look at your last several posts (rants) above and read them out loud to yourself, word for word. Listen to what is coming out of your mouth... really listen.

    If you have any common sense whatsoever you'll be hugely embarrassed.

  • Hmmmm, CheersTerry thanks but let me ask you something important is your father or your mother a lecturer or any of them are above mistakes? You never tell that its my words you got online to read. If you are ok upright and been so expose you will know that even a president is not my well learned which was the main reason that have personal assistant and all of the guardian around them. Maybe you should just tell me whats really your point by getting involved in what never concerned you in anyway. Its like you dont have a reputable job that keeps your busy enough, my advise is try to get one maybe that will serve you better and keep you to your business not to others. Asshole.
  • Wow. It's no wonder you spend your life chasing imaginary, nonexistant boyfriends on the Internet.

    Carry on.

  • Yes Terry get a reputable job, I have an opening for an apprentice in downtown Birmingham, it does not quite have the ambiance of Havana but its ok  =))
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    Au Pair needing BTA ?
  • BTA soemtimes called PTA does NOT exist its a scammer tool to extract money. Do not be taken in and do not send money.
  • Okay I desperately need to help my 75 year old aunt who is caught up in an online dating scam. At first she was so excited to e-mail him and text and talk on the phone. He claims to be only 61 and is totally in love with my aunt who is disabled and a widow. He told her he traveled abroad from California to the UK and that he had a flourishing business. She has never met him face to face or used Skype or anything she totally believes what he says, recently she sent him 2000 dollars because he claimed he was robbed in the UK by men with pick axes and knives. He claimed he needed the money to keep his business afloat. After the money was sent she did not hear from him for 2 days, when he finally did call her he claimed he had to change his e-mail address and phone number for security reasons. He now is telling her his visa has expired and that he needs more money to renew it, other wise he cannot come to the US to see her. If any of our family even mentions scam she will not hear it claiming this is not fake. What can I do to help her?
  • I have no clue how to convince an idiot of the painfully obvious truth, but good luck. I feel for you.

  • As usual Roteiro you spout utter nonsense !  :[email protected]
  • Does any of you know a John Williams Tony who lives in New York and for his work as a contractor builder he is in Nigeria right now. He is trying to close a deal with a shop that sells African art and these are worth USD 300.000 but he got a check that he cannot cash and he does not enough money to pay for his hotel and food and as a friend he asks me to help him. His wife died 8 years ago and his son lives in UK according to him. He is willing to relocate. He is a Christian and he always send me bible verses etc. I met him on a christian site on fb. Today when he asked me for money, I blocked him not before I gave him my piece of mind. Just wandering if any of you have been approached by him
  • Honestly Eve, what possible difference would it make if anyone here knew your scammer? Who cares?

    In any case this isn't a lonely hearts forum, it's a travel forum.

  • Eve all you know about the scammer is lies a complete fiction. he does not exist so no one here or anywhere else will know him.
  • I'm not sure if the first post I sent went through so I'm going to post it again has anyone been scammed by a man named Charlie Powell he said he was originally from Denmark but he moved to California and then his job you know dictated that he needed to go to Nigeria and so on and so forth. my story reflects what a lot of you have gone through the photograph the child the dead parents on and on, and I just wanted to put his name out there to see if anybody else had come across him particularly
  • Honestly Mevac, what possible difference would it make if anyone here knew your scammer? Who cares?

    In any case this isn't a lonely hearts forum, it's a travel forum.

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