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Moving to Accra - Ghana

edited May 2014 in - West Africa
my husband has a project for 1 year  in Acrra, Ghana , starting with september 2014.
now we are analyzing the posibility of moving together for all this period.
the problem is that we don't know how save will be for our children, a 2 years boy and a 3 months baby girl(in september- now I am 9 months pregnacy).
What is it your advice?As I've read, you can not make all the needed vaccines to such a small baby.thank you


  • Dear Marle,

    Ghana is a safe place for your Family. Accra is a little busy mainly because of it being the capital but then again it depends where you would stay in Accra.Since you are going to be new it will be best to talk to your host in Ghana/Accra for them to give you a fair idea of how things go around there.
    Enjoy your stay.
  • Dear one there is no need for you to worry coming to live in Ghana. Ghanaians are very lovely and sociable when it comes to attending to foreigners or visitors like you. Welcome to Ghana.
  • Thank you for your answers. what about the vaccines? we are from Romania so we undoubtedly need to make it. how safe will be for a 3 months baby?
  • Vaccines are available in Ghana for adults and children. Surely your husbands employer, should have all the answers to your questions as it is normal for an employer to provide healthcare insurance on overseas contracts.

    Medical standards in Romania are not up to western standards and is ranked 99th in the world by the World Health Organisation. So you should feel right at home in Ghana.
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