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Children traveling to Belarus!!!

edited May 2014 in Europe
Hello everyone!

I need some information in terms of traveling to Belarus as a minor (under 18). Me (16 year old) and my brother (8 year old)
would like to visit my grandma this summer who lives in Belarus. Is it possible for the 2 of us to go alone to Belarus? If not,
do we need a traveling person (guide person, accompanying us) to come with us? From what I understand you need to be 18
or older to travel without your parents, but if me and my brother wanted to go without our parents, what would be the requirements?
How could we go?



  • You do not have to be 18 to travel without your parents.As you are 16 you are considered to be a young adult and airlines will allow you and your brother to travel together.

    Your parents will need to take you to the airport , you will need a letter from your parents and you must be met at the airport when you arrive in Belarus.

    Check with the airline you are travelling with for more information.

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