Is it safe to go to Pakistan (Lahore) alone to meet my boyfriend (pakipolice officer)

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I need some advice, I'm currently in California but thinking of traveling to Lahore Pakistan to meet my boyfriend ,we've never met yet ,he's a police officer and we plan to marry,however I'm a little scared Bcz I'm not Muslim and I'm a white ,blonde female ,please help


  • Please read the comments I made to your other post

    Please be careful,not just travelling to Lahore alone but because of the following.

    1. Pakistan is a very conservative country and it is unusual for Pakistani men to marry foreign non Muslim women. Although it is allowed in Islam for a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman. It is unusual for Pakistani men to marry foreign women in Pakistan.

    2. Pakistani's live with their extended family of parents, siblings, children and grandparents in the same house. Even a grown man will not go against his family, so does the family know about you? Do they accept you?

    3. If this man is a senior police officer, its highly likely he is married. In Pakistan men can legally marry four wives. A Muslim is not supposed to have sexual intercourse until they marry,so your man may want to marry you just to sleep with you. 

    4. You are going to a country where you cannot understand the language ,where an Imam can be bought in at a few minutes notice to perform a Nikah, (wedding) which is conducted in Urdu and you may not even be given a marriage certificate.

    5. If you marry, your husband may try to make you become a Muslim and if you do change religion your life will completely change. You cannot be forced to change your religion but believe me it happens.

    You need to think a lot more before you embark on a trip to Pakistan and marriage.

    By the way in the UK the term "Paki" is considered to be derogatory and racist.
  • Wise advice!
  • No but but omg aren't these guy relentlessly romantic....hhhhh I was supposed to go to Cairo and have to break it to him it won't happen! He will be difficult about it :(
  • I would say, in general, that travelling to a foreign country alone to meet a man you've never met is an absolutely terrible idea.
  • scary... definitely scary. please reconsider this idea for your own safety.

    love is really blind..
  • I think you like adventure. But truly said that Pakistan is very conservative country. so be careful about that. 
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    Alexander101, your post was understated, Pakistani is not only a conservative country it is a highly volatile and dangerous country
  • @Alexandria u r so biased against Pakistan...can
    u tell me Pakistan more rascist than american whites against blacks?
  • No true Muslim can force a Christian to change his/ her religion....If u study history of Islam ,written by a pure scholar (not by a biased writer) ull cm to know that its against the spirit of Islam to force smone to change his religion.
  • Rosemaary, you're babbling nonsense.

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