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applying for tourists visa for England

edited May 2014 in - India
m 20 years old hold Indian passport
can I get tourist visa for UK
is Indian embassy give me that?


  • You need to apply to the British High Commission You apply here I hope you have plenty of money a job and commitments in India or you will struggle to get a visa
  • btw how much it would cost for uk tourist visa fr 7,15 day's'
  • The visa application costs Indian Rupees 8715 plus the admin fees charged by VFS. You must then show you have sufficient money in your bank account to pay for a return air ticket and your stay in the UK.

    Hotels are expensive even a cheap bed and breakfast in London can cost you about £400 approx IN Rupees 40,000.then you will need enough money to pay for food travel etc
  • 1 lakh is enough for all this
  • I have friends there so no food nd staying tension
  • You will still require money for your day to day expenses you cannot rely on friends for this you must show you have this money in your bank account.

    I would also advise you that visas for young single men are very difficult to obtain. Good luck
  • thanks
  • The India Visa Service Center mentioned above is bogus and has NO connection whatsoever to the British government UK visas and immigration. 

    VFS Global is the official partner for UK visas and immigration in India VFS is also the partner of preference for many other countries. 

    DO NOT contact the India Visa Center , pay them money or have anything to do with them.

    Site Admin can you please remove the post from azimed as he is promoting a bogus company. thank you
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