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Holiday suggestions for Greece

edited January 2016 in - Greece and Cyprus
So we only have 7 nights to spend in Athens, Santorini & Mykonos with an early flight back home out of the Athens airport. Looking for suggestions on how many nights in each location. Also any recommendations of what to our limited time in each place :)


  • You will need to fly to each place as ferries take several hours. Even so flights between Santorini and Mykonos are limited only a couple of flights each week. You will have very little time to appreciate each place.

    On Santorini the places to see are Akrotiri, the pre historic city, nearby is the dramatic red beach  then there is the village of Emporio and its castle.You can take a tour to the volcano and thermal springs and in the evening see the famous Santorini sunset.

    Mykonos town and the Chora neighbourhood , sometimes known as little Venice is stunning overlooking the town are the iconic windmills. At sunset go to the church known as Panagia Paraportiani, this white washed church dates back to the Byzantine era. The views from the churches main entrance are spectacular

    Both islands have great restaurants and night life.

    I lived outside of Athens for three years and travelled extensively and I did not do it in one week.

  • I would suggest focusing on one location or extending your trip. You will not have enough time to enjoy these locations otherwise. I would suggest taking a day or two in Athen, then spending 5-6 days on either Santorini or Mykonos.

    For ideas of things to do in these places, check out this travel guide to Greece.
  • Maybe the best option is to spend 3 days in Athens and then 2 days for Santorini and 2 days for Mykonos, but you need to fly between destination or kick Myconos out of your program and do just Athens and Santorini.
  • Depending on your priorities. If you are more into history 2-3 days in Athens are good. If not 1-2 is more than enough. Same way for the islands. 2 + 2 days. If you are more to romance Santorini is good add an extra day. If you are more to the party clubber add a day in Mykonos.
  • In Athens definitely see Acropolis and the Museum. Walk around Plaka and Thiseio, enjoy the local traditional food such as moussakas, pita gyros, traditional desserts see the parliament and the change of the guards, shop at ermou. If that all sound too much to plan they are some walking tours , cheap from hostels , and more expensive private, that can show you the city. Furthermore we have taken a food tour during our stay called Eating Athens that gave us the full foodie experience. About santorini and Mykonos I am not expert but I am sure another fellow traveller will fill in the details
  • Here are some of the guidelines to holidays in Greece. These could be helpful for those who have not decided yet on where to go and what to do. See what I've got below.
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