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very unsure about a man

edited May 2014 in Africa
I met this man in October 2013 on a dating website called tagged. He caught my attention because he made a comment that I seem like I enjoy attention from a lot of men and that's not me so I replied to him. I gave him my number nd we talked on nd off for a lil while but at times I wasn't able to reach him. He text me on Christmas to say merry Christmas nd I text him back nd that was that. I text him on new year's but got no reply. Meanwhile I took my tagged down nd I didn't think that i would hear from him again. A few weeks later I got a text from him asking how I was doing nd we talked continually everyday even when he went to Nigeria to take care of some business. He was there for a few weeks nd the day that he was to come home, his mom even called me nd she was very nice. he said that he loved me nd that he would see me soon. That was on Feb 12. I didnt hear from him for days so I called his mom in Nigeria to ask if she heard from him nd she said that she was sure that he was fine but she hadn't heard from him either. Weeks went by, I was calling his #, emailing him, trying to contact him but to no avail. Finally on April 16th, I got a message from him explaining what happened when he got back to the states. I was skeptical @ first but as time went on I was jus happy that he was ok. We talked everyday thru IM because he said that he didnt have a phone ( which I thought was strange) he finally got a phone but it was a Mississippi # but we are in Pennsylvania. Again I overlooked it, he informed me that he needed to go back to Nigeria to finish what he started over there. We got into an argument before he left because I accused him of being unfaithful. When he left he was angry nd the next day his mom called me to ask did he leave (which was strange but kind of gave me some relief because I thought that I was the only 1) I asked her to tell him to call me nd he did nd we worked things out. We have been talking everyday since, he said that he wants to marry me nd he wants to be with me. He has never asked for money until now. He is running out of money there nd he needs to come back to the states nd he cant get into his bank account there because he put a block on his account before he left. He has some money but not enough nd I offered my help but i havent sent it nd he said that I have to send the money to his lawyer because he doesn't have a Nigeria drivers license. I looked him up but nothing came back, he is only on 2 dating sites. Whenever we use the webcam I can never see him but he can see me. He sent me bank info for him but they won't tell me anything of course. I am so confused. Yesterday there was an accident with my son nd when I told him about it, he seemed very concerned nd even became angry that it happened. I dont know what to do. I have been hurt too many times nd I dont want to go thru that again. Please help


  • Classic scam. Cut your losses now.
  • I agree with Anya, this is clearly a scam. By the way how can you accuse him of being unfaithful when you have never met him, don't know what he really looks like and know nothing about him. You must be really desperate for affection.
  • Thank you. I was trying to follow my gut feelings nd he was really saying all the right things. I been hurt 2 many times in the past nd I guess here I go again
  • Its a first class scam..
    And Houston is right..This is a First Class Scam and the Lady you spoke with not his mother, either she is wife, girlfriend some way she is connected in the Scam!
    Run, as fast as you can! Blessings to you....
  • I need a advice also, I've met a guy on a website also. We've been talking since December and everything is great! In February he traveled to Nigeria and lost all his money, passport, license, etc... now he's asking for money and that's what we fight about. I haven't met this man and have sent him money he tells me he loves me, it feels to good to be true. He says he has no family I'm all he has, now he's stuck in Nigeria needing money to get back to the USA. No one can help him but me, I love him greatly. I don't know if he's been hundred percent with me he says he can't wait to met me but needs money to get back to the USA. .... everything was great till he went to Nigeria. Funny thing is I haven't seen any pictures of Nigeria, oh his camera got stolen also!! I just dont
  • Yes this is too good to be true. You have been hooked by a scammer. If he were a US citizen the US Embassy would assist him. Why did he travel to Nigeria? DO NOT send this man any more money and as hard as it may be you must finish with this man. He is a scammer and will rob you, lie and break your heart. Get out now.
  • He traveled there on business now is stuck there, I have even emailed the embassy with no response to help him. I feel that he is pressuring me for money, l so love him but I'm not going to pour my heart or my bank account out trying to help him. Everything was so great before though. I know I need to just let him go....
  • You cannot contact the US Embassy he had to do it. He is probably not a US citizen. His whole identity false, The man you love does not exist. Dump him asap.
  • Yes, I remember him telling me he was from some foreign country, but was raised in the u.s. This is all confusing but I'm going to do some research on him. I will not send him any more money, I will get to the bottom of this by the end of the day. Thanks for your advice.
  • The person that I was talking to said that he was from Nigeria but was raised in the u.s. he supposedly lived here nd he also went over there to take care of some business. It was just so weird because when he contacted me in April he seemed so sincere. I wish there was a way to find out whose pictures he has been using because there are pictures of this mans daughter.I tried some of the websites to see if I can find it but so far no luck. I have even googled his name but I still havent found anything. He still calls me nd email me almost everyday but I rarely respond or answer his calls. The feelings are still there but I know that I have to let go and take it day by day
  • Go to and they will have plenty of information there. I was astonished at what I seen. The guy, or whoever has three or four that I had not seen. I thought I was the only one. Yes, take day by day I am doing also. I'm very devastated, what charmers they pretend to be.
  • Thank you, im going to look into that website
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