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france visa

there is a friend of mine who wants to travel france from india and he is 22.he wants to come up as a tourist from india and i will be travelling from united kingdom to france as i am studying in united kingdom and have indian passport only. so what would be the chances for my friend who wants to get tourist visa from india for france.

thank you


  • As a 22 year old single male he will have a difficulty in obtaining a British visa unless he can meet all the immigration requirements. Because so many single males overstay in the UK and work illegally , immigration officers often refuse visit visas unless there is absolute evidence that the young man will return home.

    Schengen visas can also be problematic for young single men for the same reasons.

  • Azimed I am a British immigration lawyer and the India Visa Center is bogus. It is NOT connected in anyway to the British Government UK visas and Immigration and the advice you are giving people is incorrect and it appears you are taking money under false pretences

    Your website is unprofessional with appalling spelling mistakes and grammar. I intend to report your service.

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