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Visit my husband in Saudi alone with visit visa

edited May 2014 in Visa and Passport
My visit visa in saudi was approved and i need to travel in saudi to visit my husband working there, i just want to ask if it is ok that i will be traveling alone in the plane that my husband will just wait me in the airport to pick me up..


  • Plss help me its my first time to travel in long hours..
  • Women flying to Saudi alone must be picked up at the airport by a male relative. As long as your husband meets you at the airport you'll be fine.
  • Do i need to wear Abaya when i steep out from the airpport?
  • Thank you so much for your reply Miss Anya K
  • I would have your abaya ready to put on in the airport and travel in conservative clothes, do not wear a low necked top or blouse . Always carry a headscarf in case the Muttawa ( religious police ) ask you to cover your head.
  • Thank you so much alethia. I have to buy and ready my abaya.

  • Good day Ma'am Alethia i just want to ask if there is an opportunity to work in saudi can i apply there? I will just go back in my country and apply for working visa.?
  • You are on a a visit visa so you cannot work legally. I do not know what job you had in mind and if you will be applying to stay permanently with your husband but jobs for women in Saudi Arabia are limited. 
  • Thank you so much alethia,yes i just have visit visa and I'm not permitted to work there.
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