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Deported because of debt

edited May 2014 in - South Africa
Hi everyone

I just wanted to know if you can be deported from another country if you owe ABSA bank money in South Afrca (Home country). I recently moved to another country and have skipped 3 months now (I left my job and was in the process of getting a new job overseas), paid some money towards it last month. 

Could anyone please help me?


  • No you cannot be deported for debt but I suggest that you make arrangements to pay the debt or you can find yourself in serious trouble upon your return to South Africa or if you have assets in South Africa these could be seized or have a lien put on them. 
  • Thank you for responding Alethia, and putting my heart at ease. 

    Will an emailed payment plan be acceptable or would I have to call them?
  • You really need to make a proper payment plan if you have not already done so and arrange a method of payment.
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