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Lagos Nigeria Scam

edited June 2014 in Africa
So called young lady with daughter stuck in Lagos with no money traveling with mother for cancer treatment going by the name Tracy Teresa Jones . Sending pics of her self with daughter with nothing but smiles having a great time but needing money to feed her daughter and self .Do yourself a favor and Goggle under the name Tracy Teresa Jones Scams and compare the pics she sent you to those on Goggle . A friend of mine chatting with her about to send her money I told him it's a scam he thought he had found his soulmate has been talking to her for a little over a week . So I investigated into it for him . He met her on Craigslist San Antonio overhead saying Want Me . If anyone else out there has met this person stay away . That person was posted in San Antonio for dating but is stuck in Africa come on . Her posting is down now probably moved it to another city to strike again. If yea need pics I have plenty of them . If anyone else is talking to this person please let me know .


  • She posted in Peoria, IL Craigslist under the name Tracy Harrison.  Got here "real" email address.  The name used is Tracy Jones.  Apparently her mother has breast cancer and her daughter had malaria.  Wanted $250 to get medicine.  I told her I sent her money to Western Union, gave her a fake MTC, and she told me that someone had somehow picked up the money I never sent.  Keep getting emails asking for more every day for a plane ticket. 
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