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Information about Lagos, Nigeria. City profile

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Hi guys,
I need some information about Lagos, Nigeria. I have to go there on a business trip for 2-3 months. Does anybody have any idea about the Law and Order, health and safety condition there.. Any suggestion will be valuable ... :) ..

Rahul Sood


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    Hi Rahul

    Broadly you'll want to take care when travelling to Lagos. There are several small and start-up business scams cropping up and violent crime such as hijackings and muggings are frequent. Polio, TB and Malaria are dangerous diseases to look out for and you may want to avoid tap water because of the risk of cholera.

    I suggest that you have a read information about Lagos through Wordtravels' Nigeria travel guide, (, it will cover all the basics, there are also tips in there to help with understanding business customs in Nigeria, along with a city profile on Lagos.

    Good luck with your trip,

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    Thanks Warren ... the information you have provided is realy helpfull .. :)
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    do you know any information on Central Bank of Nigeria or Benson Ubah?
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    what do you think about the lottery scams on the internet with this country of lago nigeria?
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    I been to Nigeria 3 times, it is not a safe city at all. I would make sure you have friends Nigerian with you any where you go. They can protect you and argue for you. You will definately be a target for them to try to get something out of you (beg). I don't know anything about the bank or scams. But know the scams are a big thing out of Nigeria.
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    Hi Scrappy

    What would you like to know about the bank? Here is a link to their website in case it was general information you were looking for (

    The scams in Nigeria take many forms but are easy to spot. Typically they involve a non-existant company, or non-existant branch of an existing company, offering a business deal where they will deposit large amounts of money into your company's bank account provided you split or cover the transfer, or other, fee. There are variations on this, but the general tipping point for you would be their urgent desire to have you send money in their direction before any pens are put to paper. A universal scam avoidance rule is to not buy into any deal which places a time limit on your compliance.

    Internet scams where you win a lottery or sweepstakes you have not entered into should be ignored.
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    Thnaks alll the information about Lagos you both have stated is useful. i will definetly look at the bank site and check it out. thanks
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    Thanks guys .. i guess the best thing is to drop the idea fo doing business in nigeria !!!...

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    nigeria is a veary nice cuontry and you have to go ther to what kind of place its. i have been there and i dont regret it.
  • I beleieve you will enjoy your stay in Nigeria, it's a nice African country but with bad leaders just like in other African countries.
    One thing that you should understand is that if you are contempted with what you have and you don't look for quick money, you will never fall into any scam. Scam and Scammers are everywhere even in U.S and U.K
    Enjoy your stay.
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    hey friends i am being offered a job out there in lagos city of nigeria. but i am very much concern regarding the safety of mine, and what is the crime level over there please help me out on [email protected]
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    Hi ,I am hoping someone can help me. I met a man on a dating website. He said his mother is from Nigeria.His father is white and died when he was only 5yrs.old.I have been conversing with him for approx.6-8wks.He tells me that he is in love with me. He sounds to be very romantic with a heart of gold. he writes me poems everyday telling me how much he wants us to be together. I wnated to meet him so badly that I offered to pay for his ticket to come spend Thanksgiving with me and my children.I forgot to mention that he is living in Ohio.He had told me his mother was very ill in a hospital in NIgeria. Said they didn't have insurance that he had to send money for them to care for her. Well the week before he was suppose to come he said that his mother passed away,So needless to say he didn't come. He said he was trying to get a flight to Nigeria.He has kept in contact the whole time,telling me that he loves me and that we are meant to be together.

    He has also sent me pictures and I do have his phone number. I want so much to see him and see if we can have a relationship. How do I find out if this is a scam relationship? I think I am falling in love with him also.
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    Hi Piyush

    Lagos is a potentially dangerous city but not so much so that it is not inhabitable or to say that one should avoid all travel there. Stick to basic safety principles, avoiding too much activity at night, travelling in groups etc. Read the local media and familiarise yourself with criminal trends and crime hotspots. In short, be proactive about your safety in Lagos, and you should be as safe as you would be in any other part of the world.
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    Hi ghtl1066

    I'm sorry to tell you that your situation is very likely a scam. The common trend among internet scammers is to cause victims to fall for them online and to then trick them into sending money abroad so they can meet one another. It's called the Internet Love Scam and hundreds have fallen prey to it.

    Until you meet and have spent time together, there is no way to be sure that the person is genuine. There are a few steps you can take toward gaining more confidence in the interim. First off, if you haven't tried this already, insist on conversing over webcam. It is much harder to be insincere when face to face with someone and the immediacy of the camera conversation will allow you to test their story without them having a sudden retreat should you ask a question which catches them off guard. Secondly, test the integrity of their story. If they say they attended a certain school, call the school to verify it, if they are employed in a certain office, call the office and ask to speak to him/her.

    Lastly, there is nothing wrong with you being hesitant or uncertain about their honesty and you should be able to explain this to them with them being perfectly understanding. Should you continue to be convinced after all these steps, delicately explain that you do not have the money to pay for their flights. You should suggest meeting in a compromise location/state/country - one in which you are still assured of your own safety but you can both afford to travel to. And please insist on meeting in a public space.

    A scam artist would typically give up and move on to easier prey after you've insituted these measures, but if the person comes through, that does not mean you are in the clear. You can never be too careful.
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    i have question someone over there is trying to sell me some artwork over the internet and i want send the a certified bank check but they told me that us checks are not valid in nigeria is that true because the want me to western union the money to them and i really am beginning to think that tis is a scam some advice would be very helpful

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    Hi guest

    Normally this scam works the other way around, with the scammer sending a certified cheque away in order to secure an item for resale, only to have the cheque bounce of the seller. Still, you should never wire money anywhere without a reasonable expectation of delivery, especially not to Nigeria, which is notorious for the scams coming out of the country.

    In any event, I am fairly sure that they do accept cheques in Nigeria. You can always confirm this by emailing or calling the bank where your payment will be cashed in.
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    WarrenF, are you Nigerian? You sound ..well-versed in these things!
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    Hi Maddie

    Amusing! No, I'm not Nigerian, but my thanks for the compliment - it is my job to be well-versed in these things!
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    warren my husband who is american got robbed of $2185.00 I spend $2900.00 to try to get him home, he is stranded in \lagos, Nigeria with no one else to help him get home, I work for 3 months to try to get him home, what do i do now work another 3 to 4 months is there any one to help him, the men that rob him must of known he had money maybe next time \i book him a flight online

    that would of beenm ore safer these guys said they would kill him if he did not hand over themoney it was 7pm at night but he was by himself

    the us embassy will not help him what do i do

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    I've been in communique with an individual expressing romantic interests and I've suspected a scam to the extent that I've filed a complaint with ic3. But recently I've received a message from this individual's girlfriend's husband advising me of a taxi crash where the taxi driver was killed, his wife unconscious with a head injury (she was in the front seat and hit the windshield) and my friend (in the back seat) also somewhat injured. Both the ladies are supposedly in the Lagos General Hospital, but the phone number for the hospital showing on is not a good number and all other links on that web page are dead. Is there such a hospital and how can I learn the correct phone number?
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    I have a question. i would like to know if it possibile to cash an eurocheck in lagos? sorry for my bad english
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    Hi! How about Onitsha. Is it a good place to go for business/holidays. Some tips please in travelling to onitsha from lagos.
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    HI ALL,
    I have been given an offer working in nigeria .please suggest how safe is the city !!!!!!!!
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    I will tell you how safe it is ... but first you must send me $200 in order to release the information from my deceased uncle's computer...
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    It is not so surprising that everyone that has commented on your Nigerian trip has bad ex?eriences directly or indirectly but it will be fair enough if all us can be a bit measured in condemning that country. It is not the only country that travelers have been stranded or been unfortunate to get robbed or pimped; there were instances in South Africa some months ago when even diplomats had punches directed at them before parting away with their hard earned belongings.
    If want to make a trip to Lagos, have it mind that it is not a hell and you arent going to be the only one with another complexion to walk the streets of Lagos or trade with some people of good intentions rather than the never-do-wells you guys have all heard of.
    Cholera has been heard of in Lagos for years, of course some buildings collapsed not because the government meant to kills its people but because some landlords and contractors thought too much of how much might be moved to their banks.
    Many of the commentators in the world are either halfbaked or rely on hearsays, both of which are not only dangerous but destructive.
    We can only move forward when we try to see the good in the other person. And Lagos is not the most corrupt or most voilent city.
    Lagosians wont take it nicely with you if they realize that you are milking their after you have messed and painted them black.
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    Hi !! Can someboyd help me to know how the transporation linked between the major city !! Like Train, Air, Bus etc and what are the major cities in terms of business potentail for IT.
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    hello! i just want to ask if its safe to work in Victoria island Lagos? I've met an employer through the net and I am applying as au pair to their family. They tell me that they are based in london but have business in nigeria? they advise me to get a visit visa because the embassy would not allow me to have the working visa? They will shoulder all my expenses? And they extend my visa every 3 mos? am i safe with that arrangement?
    pls email me at [email protected]
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    I lived in Lagos for 3 years, up intil just a few months ago.

    I seriously doubt anyone would hire an au pair from abroad. You can hire a Nigerian nanny for much much less! It's likely a scam. If you are indeed a US citizen, you can seek assistance from the embassy and they will assist in getting a US citizen back to the US.

    Lagos is indeed a crazy city and even the safest areas, such as Ikoyi and Victoria Island have crime. I would not suggest walking alone in day-time in any area of Lagos (not even Ikoyi). Night is off-limits. You need to have a car and driver... however I would ONLY trust arrangements through a multi-national company as ANYONE could be arranged as your car and driver and rob you immediately upon arrival. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road with no money, no passport, and no phone- it happens!

    I would only suggest to fly on Virgin Nigeria, Aero Contractors, or Arik when flying regionally and domestically. Otherwise fly on KLM, Delta, British Airways, Air France, Kenya Airways, or South African Airlines.
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    @ lorn be careful of the Aupair job offer you got.Most expat here have babysitters and nannies arranged for them by their companies.Even if you did get the job the family is suppose to shoulder all expenses including airfare so be wary of sending money to anyone to get you a visa.
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    I really appreciate your answer. If you have more knowledge about my query please inform me. As of now. we still contacted each other and they don't ask me to send money. They mail me telling that they will shoulder my expense in visa and flight ticket.
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    @ Lorn
    Be careful all the same.Ask them for their business registration info ,try have their home Landline and other necessary information you deem relevant.Am sure if its scam they are still gonna ask for the money maybe not soon.Be careful also of them telling you to go cash a cashiers check to finance your travel.Just be careful generally cos it does not sound right to me.But your best opinion counts
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    My husband has been offered a job in Nigeria has anyone heard of the DPR cert that is required to workin oil and gas there?
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    A lady claiming to be a missionary in Lagos, Nigeria who has 2 english bulldogs shes trying to get us to take. She wants us to pay $800 for the shipping fee and she wants us to wire $250 and the rest once we recieve the puppies. She keeps calling with a number from nigeria and she keeps emailing. Does anyone know if im being scammed or not?
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    Cody - you are being scammed.
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    Going to Lagos for 2/3 months. Want to play tennis and learn break dance in non working times. How about these facilities and cost, can somebody tell me please. Any other information about Lagos /city profile much appreciated.
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    Why is everyone so focused on the bad aspects of Nigeria. ?
    It has some lovely sides. It has Nigerians who would love to be your friends and take you around without begging for money so i assume the person who made that comment met the bad few. We aint all unprincipled or beggared!!!
    Make sure there is a Nigerian to meet you at the airport or you book an hotel online (the major ones are Sheraton, Eko Hotel & SUites, Protea )and get them to come pick you. You would have agreed on what to look out for so you don't get into trouble.
    2.As for the babe who is in don't fall in love with what you don't know. Youa re in love with the idea of being in love so don't let them con you.
    3. Sides anyone interested in quick money usually gets into trouble.....slow and steady...take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves though!but be on your watch. Crime is everywhere> we have bad things happen to people in the U.S.A and no one complains!!!! Come have fun!! Nigeria is a beautiful place...
    4. As for Business, you need to understand the environment to be able to function.
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    I need some information.... IF someone gets stranded in Nigeria, namely the Capital, Abuja. He is a US citizen..where does he go to get help? in Abuja? He is on a thin thread of sustenance....he is having to drink their water....don't know if this is good or bad....He is a business man..and supposedly the bank has a 21 day hold on his money.... Is he fibbing to me....or is he being scammed....or am I?????
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    man says he has x amounts of dollars in bank in lagos africa but can't withdraw the money cause they are in form of cheque is this a scam? keeps wanting me to send money western union so he can come home
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    he calls his self Robert Pasino aka caringitalianman1961 anyone else heard of him
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