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Touristic VISA for thai to entre Tunisia

edited June 2014 in - Tunisia
Hello, i have 2 thai friends that i invited to come to Tunisia. But no tunisian embassy in Thailand, they have to apply in Indonesia? I sent them ani invitations letter that i will be hosting them and taking them in charge. Would it work or do they need a hotel bookimg? Thank for your prompt feedback as their visit is quite urgent


  • You say that your friends visit is urgent unfortunately the Tunisian Embassy take a minimum of two weeks ( often longer ) to process the visa application.

    As part of the application requirements your friends will need to submit: -

    1. Airline and hotel reservations. Do not buy air line tickets until they have the visa.

    2. Travel insurance, ln case they become ill or miss their flight etc

    3. Your friends latest bank statement with sufficient funds to fund their holiday

    4. A reference from their emplyor. This must say what is their job , date they began their job, their salary and when they are required to return to work.

    5. If they are students, where and what they study etc

    I hope that helps you.

  • Thank you Alethia,

    What if they stay at my place, is a hotel booking still mandatory?

    Thank you again
  • You need to show you have sufficient accomodation, your guests cannot sleep on the floor or on sofas. You should provide evidence of the type of property etc from a notary with your letter of invitation.
  • Thank you Alethia
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