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The bs about nigeria and worst cases in other places

edited June 2014 in Africa
Am annastecia steven. I have looked at all updates and comment been said about nigeria both good and bad and I can see some big nonsense BN, BS gee what! nigeria is a place of disease? I can't believe that people who haven't actually been here will spout dis crap out. Yes malaria is common here but that's all we suffer from but outside dis place there are many sickness that haven't been known to man that western suffer from and its a killer Diseases too what right do you have to say nigeria is a worst place nigeria is pretty awesome I won't trade anything for nigeria. I love my country we aren't country that have to be shot before we age and always have to dodge incase a bullet flys by. Yes nigeria is corrupt so is other places and nigeria have dirty places so do other countries infact we are much better than other countries just so you know the only reason nigerians leave is to make money or get education nothing else. If you western people stay here at lagos or another place and associate you will never want to leave just like every other countries we have our bad side and good side but just you know if you're a novice you better stay in your country because if you come we will laugh at your mistakes and use it to joke around nigeria is both hot and cold plus the culture is amazing. If you have a question you can ask me just to warn you people. Nigeria isn't a place you can say a girl fell in love with you without giving her money is not possible ooo for girls money is love and men money and sex is there love we don't do love. Love is what we say to get money or sex, if you know someone for 4years without dis things and they mention love. Look into it because something is involved its not free am open for questions and there isn't any disease in nigerian villages its BS


  • Unfortunately Pretty, Nigeria has a very bad reputation and in many instances well deserved. You have made some excellent points in your post and its normal for you to be defensive of your homeland. Did you know that
    since the 6 April 2014 Nigeria has been officially recognised as Africas biggest economy.

    Unlike other oil rich countries the revenue does not percolate down to better the lives of the average Nigerian.

    Consequently there is still great poverty and sickness in Nigeria. Malaria is not the only illness in Nigeria, Pretty.
    You seem to be unaware of the major infectious diseases that are a high risk in Nigeria such as typhoid fever, Lassa fever, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, Leptospirosis, Schistosomiasis and Avian influenza which is commonly contracted from chickens

    I have worked and travelled in Africa over the years and things happen in Africa that defy belief. Nigeria has a high profile and that is why people know about the bad stuff that goes on there, most of it made public by Nigerian scammers and con men

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