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Spain is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe and offers a wide
number of historical, cultural and natural attractions. Here I am  want to share a list of 10 major attractions
in Spain:

  • Alhambra  
  • La Sagrada
  • Ibiza
  • Mezquita of
  • El Escorial
  • Cuenca
  • Aquaduct of
  • La Concha
  • Palacio Real
  • Cibeles Palace
    and Fountain
Guys have you ever been there.
Let me know about your favorite places to visit there.



  • I have got German Visa and I traveled to Germany and Came back . That visa is still Valid. Now I wish to travel to Spain. Do I need to apply separate visa for that? Or can I use German visa to travel to spain? What is the procedure for that? Please help 
  • Alwin! I don't have enough knowledge regarding Visa requirements about European countries but I think  you don’t need Spain Visa because German and Spain both are the part of European Union. 

  • Alwin: Germany and Spain are both part of the Schengen Zone; as long as your visa is still valid you can travel freely in any of the countries in the zone.
  • Anya K!
    I think you have great knowledge about Visa requirements. Here I also have
    a question about Visa. My nephew is planning to go to Africa
    and want to go there alone for one month trip. He is 15 years old. Let me know
    can he apply for visa and go there alone. Is it allowed to children to go to
    abroad alone?

  • Hi Niky,

    Africa is made up of 47 separate countries, each with their own unique visa requirements. If you tell me which country your nephew is planning to visit I can try to help you. I would also suggest you post this in the Africa forum, rather than this thread on Spain.
  • Discussion going well! I think all members have great knowledge about travel. In these days I am planning a trip to Spain in coming vacations with my family. Any members tell me some best sights that are best for family trip?
  • edited June 2014

    It will be a great pleasure for me to get guideline by
    the senior members!  Anya K! You are
    absolutely right I should discuss “visa requirements in Africa” in Africa
    forum. Now I will discuss my nephew problem in Africa forum.

    Baylee! Welcome to the site and I hope you will find this
    forum a nice platform for your participation and learning.

  • Hi Baylee, 
    Where in Spain are you planning on going with your family? As you say upcoming vacation I assume you will be enjoying the Spanish summer - this is peak season and the weather should be glorious, just be aware that the popular Spanish destinations can get really crowded and do what you can to alleviate the stress of queuing and the like at tourist attractions (many places will now allow you to book in advance online which helps!). Check out this Spain Travel Guide for some basic information and ideas for what to see and do. Enjoy!
  • Ella, thanks for your quick reply. Your shared information is very helpful for my trip. I must follow your instructions. Can you tell me about some historical sights as well as some best parks and zoos?
  • Anya, Baylee
    and Ella Johnson!
    I appreciate your worth full contribution in this thread. It’s really a great
    pleasure for me that my thread proves helpful for the other community members.  Here I am going to share a link that has a
    wide information regarding attractions throughout the Spain.  I hope it will help you to get your required information.
    So visit this link:

  • Hi,

    I'm Egyptian and studying in Barcelona and my mum is visiting me in January, so can i send her an invitation however I haven't obtained my NIE yet and I'll not be getting the NIE till February? And if yes how?

    Thanks :)
  • An NIE number for those who do not know, is an identity number for foreigners . It is  needed to pay tax,buy property or buy a car. Foreigner NIE are only valid for three months.

    I cannot see how not having an NIE will affect your mother applying for a Schengen visa. You send her an invitation and evidence you are studying the rest is down to your mother.

  • As you mentioned that you are studying in Barcelona
    then you have most visited its attractions. Let me know your views about its
    major and most visited places that every traveler must visit during his Spain

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