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Overstayed in Turkey

edited June 2014 in - Turkey

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help! I overstayed in Instanbul Turkey last year I ended up having a mix up by thinking if I was to pay £10 for a visa I could continue to keep going back and overstayed because they were working from my first visa.


So in October 2013 I was banned for three months and have not returned since. I was looking at going back in August, I applied online through the consulate for an E-visa which I have and downloaded didn't seem to have a problem with that. Will I have any further problems, as I do not want to get to the borders and I am turned away with problems?


  • If you have been granted an E visa you should not have any further problems. Have a look here it explains quite clearly the latest visa laws.
  • Hi. I had a look on the website but it doesn't help as much. Do you know of anyone who has had this experience? I seem to not find a direct number for the Turkish Embassy in London.
  • The E visa is NOT from the Turkish consulate it is issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey. So
    if you were granted an E visa your application was successful.

    As for the website not being helpful, you need to download the visa calculator that assists you in working out visa dates so you don't overstay or calculate when you can return.

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