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Lf travel buddy to scotland/ireland

edited June 2014 in Europe
I really want to travel to Scotland, and Ireland (preferably scottland), but I don't want to go by myself.
I don't mind traveling by myself, I just wish I had someone I could hang out with/show me around once I got there.

I have been wanting to go for a long time, but all my friends here have kids.
I'm 23/m.
I want to go to do all the scenery, but I also want to have fun, visit the pubs, meet the local women. (Always had a huge thing for Scottish accent, not sure why).

It's hard to just get out there on my own, specially when a round trip is about 2+k.

Doing the hotel thing is not that bad, as I can get extremely cheap rates on hotels. (4/5 star resorts for like $300-600 a week).
Wish I had someone to go with, or do things with once I got there.

Anyone interested in going?/showing a silly american around?
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