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turkey for vacation

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Possibly, if anyone could help me for a best use of vacation at turkey I am 18 years old and am going with my family I think that tours around istanbul, antalya,cappadocia and konya will be the besf for us, I am waiting for your recommendation and suggestions if possible please


  • Istanbul is a fantastic place to visit and so much to see and do. Turkey is a very big country for example Antalya
    is a 12 hour bus journey from Istanbul, one hour by plane. Konya, 12 hours by bus and Cappodicia 11 hours.

    If you spend a week or so in Istanbul you could travel around look here for example 

    Or spend a week in Antalaya and travel around
  • What about the zoo and the aquarium
  • If I have a choice for 4 days antalya and 4 days iatanbul or a 7 days istanbul only which should I choose and why?? and where the places that I must not to miss. I love nature and fun more than historical places by the way :D, thanks in advance
  • For nature and fun Antalya will be best for you. Great weather and beaches interesting zoo, sea life complex. Antalyas national park is unbelievable especially Yanartas in the Olympos valley where natural fires burn brightly from the earth. I would spend the whole seven days in Antalya so very much to see and do. 
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    Sorry for any spelling mistakes and poor english and thank u in advance very much :)
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    What do u think he misses and what do u think I should not to waste my time on
  • First if all I am really appreciate your attention, but possibly may u give me an advice weather to follow my trip planner who plans for visiting mangavan and duden water falls and kemer city thats for antalya,besides tobaci castle, soltan mosque, borsa city and princess's islands for istanbul
  • The messages are arranged oppositely am sorry
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    In my opinion you need at least 7 days in each both Antalya and Istanbul. I have a home in Turkey and there is so much to see and do, that I have not seen every place I want to see.
    You could easily spend a two week holiday in Antalya there is so much to see and there is quite a distance to travel between places. Antalya is a province as well as a city

    Kemer is not a city it is a tourist resort and is 45 minutes drive from Antalya city Manavgat Falls are one hours drive.

    The Princes Islands cannot really be seen in a day. I spent a week alone just going to the three main islands.
    Bursa is a big industrial city and I am not sure why you would visit there.

    I hope I have helped you enough for you need to decide your itinerary. 

  • What about shopping in antalya and istanbul and their prices
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    I think you are really going overboard with the questions which I have patiently answered. Shopping in Turkey is fantastic and I don't know what you want to buy so can't comment on prices.

    I now suggest you go on holiday and find out for yourself. Have a great holiday
  • Thank u very much and sorry for interruption
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