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travelling permission

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i was born in 1995 ,i am willing to travel on the 13th of july ,do i need to get a travelling permission ?!


  • as it is written in my passport that i can travel until first of August,but i am going to get back after this date 
  • Permission from who? You are over 18 and therefore an adult you can travel where you want. Passports do not say when you can travel only visas state that. You need to provide more information.
  • permission from the military prove that i postponed my service.
  • What country are you from?
  • i am Egyptian
  • You can not travel abroad without a travel permit issued by the Department of Defence..
  • yeah,but it is written in my passport that i can travel until the first of August ,(really appreciate your help)
  • Good day! I am blessed to find this page. Grateful to see that you really do answer the blogs. I am a Filipino, presently working here in KSA and about to finish my contract this coming August. I have an Egyptian friend and he loves to go to Philippines when I am already there. What are the things he needs to comply to be able to go there and how much money he'll be needing? Salamat po ng marami! GOD bless us a way way more! :)
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    Madbouly,it is my understanding that if you have deferred your studies then you need permission to travel. If the Ministry of Defence wrote in your passport that you can travel then you should be fine. My concern is if you return after 1st August will you be arrested. The only way to confirm this is to check with Egyptian immigration or the Ministry of Defence.
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    Carminaminami, your friend needs to apply for a visa for the Philippines. As he lives in KSA he can apply for his visa at the Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh. All information is here -

    Its always hard to say how much money someone would need , where will he stay, will he eat out or at home, will he do a lot of sightseeing for example. As a Filipino, you may have a better idea of how much money he would need as we don't know how long he will be staying.

  • Thanks Ma'am Ashe. Does he need any show money, too? Shukran, Ma'am!
  • Thank you so much for your effort to answer my questions. Ma'am, I desire to go to Egypt, too. I wish to go there with him. Do you think it will be easy for me to request for a tourist visa going there? Salamat po.
  • yeah Alethia,thank you very much
  • Carminaminami, as you are working in KSA you may find it easier to obtain a visa for Egypt. 
  • I wish that my employer will never know my plan of going to Egypt. Is there any other possible way? Shukran, Ma'am!
  • Your employer does not have to know. They do not have to give permission nor will the Egyptian embassy contact them
  • Thanks. It is good to know that. Maybe, I will be applying for a tourist visa in the Egypt Embassy in the Philippines when I am already there. Will it be just so easy to apply? Thanks again, Ma'am!
  • It should be easy to apply but I cannot foretell the outcome. All the best to you.
  • Thank you so much. Everything is highly appreciated. I wish to see you too somewhere. I am blessed.
  • My Daughter works in Sharm El Sheikh and would love her Egyptian boyfriend to come back with her for a holiday, what does he need to do/get, to enable him to come over to England. Thank you
  • He needs to apply for a UK General Visit Visa.
    Here is a list of documents you require
    Your daughters boyfriend will also need to show his connection to Egypt , family he may support and a letter from his employer to say he has a job he needs to return to.

    This is a very difficult visa to obtain, especially for a young single man, from a poor country
  • Thank you very much for your help! I have sent them your advice.
  • I think confirm from immigration office, they will inform you correctly. But dont worry i think you can travel.
  • Jerry, I am a UK immigration lawyer. I do not know what country you are from but in the UK and most other countries you cannot contact the immigration office for advice. 
    You can not say you think someone will travel as you are unaware of the UK immigration rules and process.
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