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UK Spouse Visa

hi ,

i am Pakistani holder passport and get married with British
Passport holder before 2 months ,i am in Dubai on a working visa (Employment)
since 3 years,

i want to ask you that i want to apply for spouse visa so
where should i have to apply form Pakistan or Dubai??.., Can i apply from Dubai
or i have to go back to Pakistan for applying, and also the requirements for
spouse visa ?

Kindly answer me for my question thank you...  



  • You can apply from Dubai as this is where you reside .

    Your British spouse should be earning at least £18,600 per annum for six months before the application is madeand her 6 months payslips and 6 months bank statements must correspond,in that is her salary must be shown to be paid into her bank account. this is a very difficult process and I urge your wife to contact am immigration specialist to assist with your application

  • hi i have a boyfriend i met online and we havent really met in person,he wanted me to visit him in the UK but we dont know what pertinent information we have to put in on the invitation letter aside fr his work info..should he put in the invitation how we met and how genuine the relationship is? yhanks
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    You are applying for a general visit visa, there is no need to say you met on line, you just put in the letter you are friends and your boyfriend is inviting you to stay. The onus is upon you not your boyfriend to show you have a job and responsibilities to return to and sufficient funds to pay for your visit.
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    Thank you for your reply, what requirements do i need to fulfill before applying??
  • Hello, my name is phiné I currently live in the uk. My case is as follows ;
    I entered the uk with a student visa which was valid for 18 months.  But during this time I meet my spouse ( who is British) and we got married before my visa ran out. 
    I have already sent an application for a spouse visa in October 2014 (I.e before my visa ran out). 
    Along side with the flrm application I sent our original marriage certificate,  our tenancy agreement for a flat to prove that we will be living in the same address, also i send an acknowledgment letter from dla (disability living allowance)  and dsa (student disability allowance) to show that she might be an exception to meet the threshold income.I wrote to them in an A4 paper saying that, we are still waiting for the result from both dsa and dla. 
    In addition I sent my ielts English result.  My overall score is 5.5 (don't know if it's enough). 
    Finally,  although my spouse does not meet the financial requirement now,  she is doing a Pgce course with 5 months left for her to become a fully qualified teacher then she will be earning more than 18,600. I also sent her letter of admission to the uni to the home office. 

    As at now (26/11/2014) I am still waiting for the result from the home office.  I need help and advice,  did I do the right thing?  Is there anything else I can do to make my case stronger?  
    Your advice is highly welcomed.  
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    Firstly, applications of this type can take at up to 6 months to process . As you still had a valid visa when made the application you remain legally in the UK under Section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971.

    At the present time in my opinion your application will be refused as you do not meet the requirements of the immigration rules. Your wife is NOT in receipt of DLA or DSA and she does NOT meet the financial rules as she is not earning £18600. The rules are very strict and you cannot apply on the basis of what might be in the future.

    You should not have made this application alone you are very foolish to do this in my opinion. The British immigration system is a minefield and hard enough for lawyers to understand.

    When does your present visa expire ? This is an important question as it may be your saving grace.
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    i want to apply for UK spouse visa i am Pakistani holder passport in United Arab Emirates 
    on employee visa, so where can i do my Tuberculosis testing in United Arab Emirates 

    Kindly Reply me as soon as possible. 
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    The TB test is part of the biometric testing which is arranged by the British Embassy once your application is submitted and paid for. Some countries are not at risk from TB and UAE is one of them therefore applicants from UAE are not required to have TB testing.
  • hi what if my husband is already earning 18600 per annum to sponsor me but will our child who is goin to be born here but with a british national,still have to have additional earnings of 2400 per dependant or no need since the child of a british citizen?thank you
  • As your child is British they must have a British passport and then your husband will not need to have the additional earnings
  • hi,
    i am going to make online application on personal details they are asking about permanent residential address so which address i should apply pakistan address or here in uae address???
  • If you are legally resident in the UAE and will be submitting your documents at a UAE centre then you will put your UAE address.
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    Hi. I need info about spouse visa to Uk. Is it right that once you get the visa it's a compulsion to visit within 3 months?

    Secondly how long does the spouse visa to Uk from Pakistan takes on average from your observation?
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    Here are the requirements for a UK spouse visa.

    1, The UK spouse must earn a minimum of £18,600  per annum before tax
    2. If the UK spouse is disabled they may show instead of the £18600  that they are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or if they care for a disabled person they recieve Care Allowance
    3. The foreign spouse cannot have a criminal record.
    4. The foreign spouse must pass an English language test in their own country to level A1
    5. There must be suitable accomodation in the UK. A room in a family home for the couple or  rented or mortgaged accomodation owned or rented by the UK spouse.

    The spouse visa is issued for thirty months .Once the visa is issued you must travel to the UK within three months or you will be refused the next residence permit in the UK.The UK spouse visa is for five years in total before you are granted Indefinite leave to remain. Most people want to be together as soon as possible and travel to the UK as soon as the visa is issued. The UK authorities may have second thoughts regarding the marriage if it takes a spouse three months to travel to the UK.

    It takes between 90 and 120 days to process a spouse visa in Islamabad Pakistan
  • Thanks. Appreciate the precise and prompt reply.
  • hey, my husband has a residancy card in france,i earn the specified earnings they require for me and my british child which is under one year of age. my main concern is my husband does not know a single word in english nor reading writting or speaking, shall i apply anyway for a him to join me to the uk as my spouse or is it a waste of money and time? and is there anything else i can do as if i wait for him to study itll probably take 10 years
  • Unless your husband can pass the English language test his spouse application will be refused and you will lose your fee of £850 . It is mandatory to pass level A1 English in speaking and listening.

    The fact your husband holds a French residency card is irrelevant as this residence card is only recognised in the Schengen zone and the UK is not a member of the Schengen treaty. 

    There maybe a way you can by pass this via the Surinder Singh route. How long have you lived in France and do you work or study in France. If I iknow this I can advise you further.
  • hello my husband is a british citizen living in UK from past 50 years we meet financial requirements but there is huge age difference he is 55 while am only 27.will i get spouse visa
  • Moona, there should be no reason why you should not be granted a spouse visa . The immigration rules do not  mention age  differences and therefore Entry Clearance Officers cannot refuse couples who have large age gaps.
  • hi i made a mistake on my online application form cant correct online as have paid fee and cant access previous page i dont know what 2 do?shall i correct it on printed form
  • and also i want 2 know do i need to submit VAF4A form filled by hand along with online printed application or its not needed
  • Moona, you cannot change the VAF4 on line you had the opportunity to make corrections before you paid..
    A hand filled form is not needed. You must print off the application form, the form must be signed and the photographs attached as it must be handed in with the documents at your appointment.

    Can you please tell me what the error was and I can assess if it is important or not.
  • it was of my hubby's first travel date to UK.i wroye 1 december 1965 while he first traveled on 4th december 1965.
  • That is nothing to worry about, the Home Office records do not go back that far on their database. Please dont worry about this minor mistake.
  • Hello,
    I applied for my wife to join me here in UK last week. I included all the required documents but the only thing disturbing me is my bank statements. My very last bank statement shows only £900 in my account and my bank was overdrawan once within the same month. Other than that my wages straight goes to my bank account and i have included a letter from my work clearly stating I earn more than 20k annually. What is your opinion on this ?

    Thank you
  • Frankly it depends on the Entry Clearance Officer , they should not refuse if you were overdrawn once but, not having seen all the documents I cant advise you further.
  • I'm confident on my all other documents, only this bank thing was bugging me. Thanks for your reply :)

  • O and another thing I wanted to ask is; say my wife gets the visa, I go to Pakistan to bring her here in the UK with me and we come via Dubai, can we go out of the airport to see friends for couple of hours before boarding on to the next flight ? I'm a British citizen and my would have a Pakistani passport with UK visa only !!

    Do we need to obtain Dubai visa before traveling?? Once again I would only like to go out for a couple of hours between flights. Thanks
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    Your wife will need to obtain a transit visa
    Your British and do not require a visa as you are granted a 30 day visa upon arrival.

    No country issues a visa for a couple of hours.
  • Hi there,

    My fiance (Belarusian) and I (British citizen) are applying for a Family Settlement Visa so she can come here and we can (finally!) marry. I earn £21,000 a year so I meet that part of the criteria.

    However; I have an overdraft with my bank of £1250 which I currently always have to go in to.

    I earn £1400 a month (after tax) so I only just clear it every month. Do you think this will definitely be a negative on our application?

    I could borrow the money from my parents to clear it, however we want to get the application in at the end of March, early April. Would me clearing it this way actually make a difference, do you feel?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind Regards
  • hi ,
    i am in United Arab Emirates ,i have all documents for my spouse visa but i don't have only the last month original payslip and bank statement i have only the color copies of them ,i have original payslips bank statements and all original documents from August to January but payslip and bank statement of February i have only copies can i apply my application on 28th march 2015 or its not good to apply with these documents and also tell me about my language course which i done,i got 4.5 score in IELTS .is it applicable for my spouse visa please reply as soon as possible..thanks
  • You CANNOT submit copies ALL documents must be originals. If you submit copies your application will be refused. If you make an application on 28 March 2015 with February's payslips there is a likelihood you will be refused as the UKVI only give 28 days from the issue of the last payslips to the date of submission. You should obtain original documents for February and then collect original payslips and bank statements for March and apply immediately not wait 28 days to submit the application.
  • I have been granted the UK Spouse Visa on 16/03/2015. I am in UAE at the moment. Can I go to India (my home country) then travel to the UK or must I travel to the UK straight from UAE as the visa was granted in the UAE as I am in Employment Residence Visa. Also, I will need to Cancel my UAE Residence Visa before coming UK as this is compnay rules, will this effect my entry to the UK? please help.
  • You need to be in the UK as soon as possible , your visa is for 30 months and if you hang about too long before entering the UK you will have difficulty when you apply for your extension in two and a half years time.
    There is no problem entering the UK from India but quite honestly as a lawyer I find it really strange that people are granted a UK spouse visa and like you delay their entry into the UK to join the spouse who they are supposed to love and have been seperated from. Your visa was issued two weeks ago and your still in the UAE with no plans to leave.
  • Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my company has my passport and is currently undergoing cancellation. I have to cancel my residence visa before I leave Dubai as per the company rules. Therefore I am stuck in Dubai. If the company give my passport sooner I will leave sooner.. I need to go India to collect some belongings therefore I am being delayed further. Thank you for your help .
  • hi just want to ask if ever we was declined of a spouse visa,is it ok to apply for a tourist visa instead?!?

    will the declined spouse visa be detrimental to a tourist visa application perhaps?!?

    thank you
  • If your spouse visa is declined you will be given a right of appeal you canot apply for a visit visa during that time. It is also unlikely that you will be granted a visit visa if a spouse visa is refused, as this will be perceived that you are trying to circumvent the immigration rules.
  • Hi i am pakistani citizen married to a british women and planing to apply for spouse visa my wife has 3 kids currently she do not have any job because she looking after her kids the gvt paying her for the expenses she cannot show any bank statment show that she can support me infact she do not have any money she cannot work also because of the responsiblity of her kids so what is the solution ?
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    You married a divorced woman with three children of whom you are not the father , your wife does not work and is in receipt of state benefits.In the United Kingdom many women with children go to work but women like your wife use children as an excuse not to work. In fact its highly likely your wife has never worked.

    Under the present UK immigration rules you have no chance whatsoever to obtain a spouse visa to live in the UK. To sponsor you to settle in the UK your wife must be earning£18,600 per annum, for a minimum of six months, have a bank statements showing her salary being paid, paylsips and pay tax etc

    The visa fee is £950 Pak Rupees 142,009 you can wave goodbye to that money if you apply for a UK visa.

    If this was an arranged marriage for you to enter the UK you married the wrong woman. Solution divorce or ask her to live in Pakistan as you won;t be going to the UK.
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