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invitation letter going to uk fr boyfriend met online

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i met my boyfriend online but we havent really met in person,he's inviting me to come and visit him in the UK but we dont know what pertinent information we need to put in the invitation letter aside from his home and work info..should we put in how we met online and how genuine the relationship is? help pls thanks


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    You are applying for a general visit visa, there is no need to say you met on line, you just put in the letter you are friends and your boyfriend is inviting you to stay. The onus is upon you not your boyfriend to show you have a job and responsibilities to return to and sufficient funds to pay for your visit.
  • hi thanks for your response..what if he will be the one sponsoring me,i mean pay for my expenses while im there and the tickets too..should i still have sufficient funds in my bank account for the ticket even though im not gonna be paying for it?
  • You will need some money, what happens if things don't work out and will you want to ask him for money for every little thing.  This is a visit visa not a marriage visa. It would be much easier I am sure for your on line boyfriend to visit you its much safer all around and easier.
  • if i was declined then he will come to the philippines,but it will only be for 2 wks,thats why i opted to go to him so i can be on holiday for 2 months.but how much should i put in on the application as my total cost of living on my stay?

    do u have an estimate of how much money i should have on my bank account before i apply for the visit visa?thanks u
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