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facebook dating fraud

edited June 2014 in Africa
my sister in law met a guy named james morgan on facebook after 2 days he was telling her he loved her and when he got done working in africa he was gonna come pick her and her son up and be a family..he said his wife died years ago and it was just him and his son adam..well they talked for about a month and she started falling for him he said one day he was on his way to bank and got in a car wreck with his son and his credit card got stolen his sons leg was broke and the hospital would not treat him without his he told her to send him some money..unfortunately she was broke and couldn't do it..he got bad..she asked why his brother could not go to the bank and draw money out but he kept making excuses they argued then didn't talk for awhile because we googled him and found his name on a dating scam site and sent him the he sends a picture of a boy in a leg cast that mad her feel bad..and she begged for his forgiveness which wasn't easy(i told her he was a scammer) but she continued anyway after another month he wanted all her passwords..wanted her to open a bank account and send im the details she said no way..he said if you love me you will send me money..finally she deleted thing i know i am getting a request from his so called i rolled with it..he told me he loved me in one day he then said his wife had died and he had a son named of course i knew it was james and i told him everything i knew then reported him to facebook so ladies look out for james morgan and richard morgan or guys who say they are in africa doing engineer work..right now there is a lot of nigerian scams going on..and these guys were originally from florida and new york but had african accents please be careful they are on dating sites as well i have seen them reported thee too


  • Sadly, this is exactly the same story we hear again and again on this forum... You would think they could at least come up with a more original version of the scam!
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