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mozambique visa border crossing?

edited June 2014 in Africa
I am Nigeria reside south Africa, im planning to visit Mozambique  i got  Swaziland visa already and i want to cross from Swaziland to Mozambique  It's impossible for me to get a visa Mozambique visa border crossing? and how much and also i just wanna spend one night  in Mozambique and come back to south Africa,I want to know whatever it costs for a Mozambican Visas  available at borders and also i want to know Mozambique Visa Requirements for Mozambique at boarder Please i need advise on this, thanks


  • Hi Oscar,
    According to an official source Nigerians can still get visas on arrival in Mozambique. The visa will cost USD 66 and is valid for 30 days (even if you are only staying one day). You will need a valid passport. However, I think you should check with the Mozambique Embassy in whichever South African city you are in that this is still the case, because my source lists only some destinations in Mozambique where visas can be purchased on arrival. So, my advice is to email, phone or visit the nearest Mozambique embassy to confirm the visa situation for Nigerians and to check that the border post where you will be entering the country issues visas on arrival. You should be fine, but its not worth the risk. Also, as it is quite expensive, consider staying a bit longer once there!
  • Thank you so much ella I have already contacted embassy but I didn't not got any feedback from the embassy yet but some people are saying about going to the border and get the visa I hope they are not going to denied me I budget $100 for my visa I also have yellow card with my passport
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