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Filipina friend is pregnant with a british citizen

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should she get a fiancee visa first? or would it be easier if they get married in the philippines then apply for a spouse visa? husband is only earning £15000 per annum with not much savings.which step is easier to take? thank you


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    As your friends boyfriend is only earning £15,000 per annum he falls way short of the £18,600 per annum required by UK law to sponsor a spouse or fiancée, therefore both visas would be refused. Its a waste of time and money applying.

    Your friend needs to marry in the Philippines and the babies father must be named on the birth certificate, so the child can apply for a British passport.
    The fiancé visa is a much more expensive option than the marriage visa.
  • thank you for your response..will it a guarantee if she applied for a spouse visa since she already has a child with the british? and she cant left behind if the father and the baby will the only one to go to the uk right?
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    If the British citizen does not earn £18,600 per annum a spouse application will be refused. Hundreds of non British spouses have to live apart from their British husband/wife because they cannot meet the British immigration rules. The fact she is the mother of a British child cannot help her. Her partner needs to earn more money, maybe by taking a second job. I suggest you have a look at The Family Immigration Alliance website and read the stories

  • thank you for the informative response
  • hi as ive told my friend your advice,so if the sponsor will be able to meet the £18600 threshold eventhough she's not pregnant with the british bf,and the rest if the requirements has been met,will there be better chances since the minimum annual pay has been met if she is to get a fiancee visa?thank u :D
  • For both the spouse and fiancé visa the income requirement is £18600, the sponsor must demonstrate they have been earning this salary six months prior to the application. They must provide six months payslips and bank statements. They obviously must have a place to live, show they are in regular contact and have a real relationship.

    I suggested you marry and apply on a spouse visa as the fiancé visa is a longer route and more expensive.
    So is your friend pregnant or not?
  • she is pregnant..we were just also asking if all of the requirements are met,regardless if she's pregnant or not,if theres more chance of getting approved..since you had mentioned regardless if she's the mother of a britush child,she can still be declined right? so the partner will really need to meet the minimum threshold and the rest of the requirements..thank you for ur answer il tell her its best to still get married first..the only reason why their aiming for the fiancee so that instead of his partner going here to get married,she'll just use the ticket money in going to the uk,atleast its more cheaper,since they wont have to save up for another ticket money for her to fly back to the uk hehe :-))
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    A spouse application is dependent on meeting the immigration rules, having a British child will not help the application;

    The British Embassy charge for a spouse visa = £885 

    The British Embassy charge for a fiancé visa = £885  Once in the UK you have 6 months to marry. Weddings in Thailand are cheaper than UK weddings.
    After you have married in the UK you must apply for the spouse visa before the fiancé visa expires. You apply in the UK for the spouse visa and it will cost £601  for a postal / on line application plus £20 for biometric testing. Some people opt for the one day premium service for the spouse visa if you take this service you will pay over one thousand pounds.

    So you see, the fiancé visa can cost more than double the cost of a spouse visa.

  • thank u for that very helpful tip,il tell my friend

    as for me,since im applying for a tourist visa,i have a land transfered on my name just this month since my dad passed away last March,and my brother and mom waived their share and i got a deed of sale for around £700,so all of it is under my name,do u think the officer will question how did i get that sum of amt and why did i just acquire the land under my name just now few months before my application??since we dont get interviewed here unless the officer says so,do u think i should just explain that my dad recently passed away so i acquired the land just now? thank u :)
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