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Validity of Botswana marriage certificates in Portugal.

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Does anyone know where to find information about how to prove that a Botswana marriage certificate (for a marriage between an English man and a Botswana lady, is legal and valid in Portugal? SEF asked for a letter from British consulate in Lisbon, they do not issue such letters. I have a letter from Briotish Consulate in Botswana but SEF do not accept it. Tony Charlton


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    Botswana is an independent state and has been so since 1966 so why would the Portuguese SEF want a letter from the British Consulate.?

    I am assuming that you are a British national living in Portugal exercising EU treaty rights and want your Botswan wife to live with you under EEA rules? 

    Did you marry your wife under customary law "kgotla" or under the Marriage act at the Registry office "Omang" If you did not have a civil wedding then your marriage will not be recognised. Religions weddings must also be registered.

    If your marriage has been registered and your wife is still in Botswana she should obtain an APOSTILLE from the National Registration Office duly certifying your marriage certificate. This can only be done if your marriage is registered. Botswana is a member of the Hague Convention so an Apostille should not be a problem. Check here.

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