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how to writw invitation letter

edited June 2014 in Visa and Passport
we need help in the format for the sponsorship letter from my bf to invite me to visit him in uk,if anyone can tell us what to put in pls?thank u ;D


  • Kayee you are applying for a general tourist visa and cannot be sponsored, I explained before , this is not a fiancée or marriage visa.

    Your boyfriend must simply confirm that he is your boyfriend , that you will be staying with him for the duration of your trip and that he will pay your air ticket and maintain you financially during your trip.He should provide a copy of the picture page of his British passport proof, of where he lives and his bank statements to prove he has sufficient money to fund your visit. That's it no more no less.

    The onus is upon you to show you have funds and a reason to return to your home country.

  • oh ok thank u :D
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