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Traveling To Jordan

edited June 2014 in Visa and Passport
I need some help immediately, I am only 15 my boyfriend lives in Jordan. He wants me to be with him and live with him in Jordan. I live in the USA. I was wondering if it was possile if I can just get passport and my mother confirmation to travel there?


  • Have you ever met this guy?
  • edited June 2014
    Of course she has not met this man Anya,  it is a silly teenage infatuation with probably an older man she has met on the internet. Would be interesting to know his age.

    I am being blunt in the hope that Marie123 will understand the gravity of the situation.Marie 123 actually thinks that the man she has never met is her boyfriend. She knows nothing about him, only the story he has told her. She obviously knows nothing about Jordan or its culture. Jordan is a very conservative country and you cannot live together as an unmarried couple. You must be 18 to marry in Jordan. This man would know this if he was Jordanian
    Thankfully in the USA passport applications are made in person and both parents must give permission for a minor child to have a passport. 

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