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Need help with my France itinerary: advice please!

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Can anyone give some advice with this itinerary or help with suggesting or making bookings?


Hi Audrey,

This is Jess, Dren and Charles Nupen's daughter. I think we have met before, I am currently liuving in Germany. I am not sure if my mom has contacted you, if not I am sure she will soon.

The two of us are going to France for a two week Holiday and since you have always booked us such stunning places in the past, we need your help to please book our accommodation on this trip. I would first like to tell you what our trip itinerary is and then hear what you have to suggest. (maybe stay longer in one place, shorter in another...etc..) We will be looking at gorgeous b&b's, NO big hotels but boutique hotels and well just gorgeous places.


We start in Biarritz on the 22nd July and stay with my uncle for a couple of nights. ( so no worries) and then start heading eastwards (by car) direction Provence on the morning of Sat 26th.. We would like to arrive in Provence on Wed 30th July so between then we will be passing through the Provinces of the Mid-Pyrenees and Languedoc Rouissillon. We need lovely places to go and stay in one or both of these provinces. We would be interested in beautiful little towns, old castles, stunning scenery...the usual.

We would then arrive in Provence. Now I am not sure which cities and villages to visit and which to stay in. We do not want to stay in big cities in Provence but in beautiful b&B's in stunning little villages and take day trips. We would estimate to be in Provence from Wed 30th to Mon 4th. The places we want to go to are Arles, St marie de la Mer, Aix-en-Provence, Grasse, Avignon, St Remy, Luberon Valley.....anything that you would add or take off this list??? From Provence we will be driving in the direction of Paris...just so you know. Please can you make up an itinery for us and find some beautiful places to stay and if there are must see places that are on the list, please suggest.

Ok we would then leave provence on Tues 5th, maybe take the train to paris (as a car in paris is hell) we want to arrive in paris on the 6th and think it would be great to stay over somewhere on the way...getting there by car or train. Rhone valley and Burgundy are on the way....apparently Lyon/Dijon are great. we would love a gorgous night in a magical place here before moving on to paris. I think we already have a hotel in paris.

So what do you think? Quite a trip huh. You have always arranged such stunning holidays for us and would be great if you could help my mom and I out again. Now concerning money, we are definitely not looking at 5star all the way. We would love affordable, CLEAN charming know my moms standard and what we love.

If there are any changes that you would suggest, please do and when you reply to me, would you please add my mom as CC.

Thank you so much Audrey and I really look forward to what you have to offer!


Jess Nupen

[email protected]


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    I will be in Biarritz, France for two days on the 20th and 21st of July.
    I would like to take a one day trip to Lourdes. What is the best way to get there, and the most economical? Bus, train, rental car?
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    Bonjour !
    First an introduction: I am a retired American citizen that has lived in the south of France for over 9 years. During these years I have explored at least 50% of France many time with friends here in France or from other countries. Many hours, days and weeks have been spent in research and traveling to places to experience something new, exciting and breathtaking. I am extremely outgoing, love people and travel. I have also travel extensively beyond France ( Italy, Turkey, London, Prague and Romania to name a few). My main language is English but I do manage well with French language.
    There have been several times , by chance , I have encountered people here in Marseille that have been on a cruise ship and needed assistance with information or directions. I am always thrilled to help.
    My reason for writing: I am efficient in planning day trips or by the 1/2 day in and around Marseille, Aix en Provence, Cassis, Avignon, St.Remy, the unknown world's second largest grand canyon , Moustier, Grasse , Nice, Cannes, and other well know places as well as very many off the beaten path but interesting markets, villes and scenic sites and islands.
    I am able to arrange for one or more, walking , car or van tour . It is always a great pleasure to me to meet people, show them sites based on their interest and provide information to help them enjoy their visit while traveling. I do this as an individual, not a company. For me it is a passion not a job . I would be more than happy to help you plan, be your guide and or make arrangements for you during your vacation here in Provence .

    Martha Anastasiou
    9 Rue du Suez
    13007, Marseille,France
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