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how much total amt need to be in the savings account for a uk visit visa?

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hi everyone! i nees help pls

im earning around £350 per month and currently have around £200 in savings..but i will be putting in around £150 per month more until sept so that will be around £650 total available savings..will that be enough money in the savings account for 10days visit in the uk? i am being invited by 2 british nationals so they pay for my tickets,and accomodation and food..but they say even if somebody will pay for my expenses i still have to have that amount available on my account just for them to see i can support myself even if somebody will pay for it..but the ticket costs around £800 so i wont be able to get that amount by the time i u think £650 is enough for 10days?

and will they question how can i put £150 per month in the savings?when i have other bills to pay?help pls thank u


  • There is no specific amount in the UK immigration rules but £650 for ten days is not a lot of money to visit the UK and yes UK immigration officer can ask where the money for the trip came from. It is very difficult for someone from a poor country to obtain a visit visa, especially a single person.
  • thanks for your response.i very much appreciate ir input.even if 2will sponsor my trip?isnt still enough?they cover my ticket food and accomodation,and they had provided their bank statements and payslips and bills,passports..hehehe
  • by the way i have a daughter of 5yrs old and with my employer for almost 5yrs,as ties to coming home..hehe
  • Hi there, 

    As I don't really know what you want to be buying I'll give you a good idea of what you'll pay for everything things: 

    Large Glass of wine: £5 
    Pint of Beer £3.60 
    Bottle of premium lager £4 
    Bottle of Coke £1.50 
    McDonalds Meal £5 
    Sandwich from supermarket £3.50 
    Chocolate bar 60p 
    20 cigarettes £7.50 
    Pub main course £9.50 
    travel £6 a day 
    If you use a mobile phone you might find it easier to buy a UK sim card to save on roaming charges. You can buy one at any of the major mobile phone shops on any high street 
    Don't use taxis unless you have to - the tube is always quicker and after they shut at midnight there are night buses. 

    £1000 will be plenty of money for London. Just remember not to bring back heavy souvenirs otherwise you'll end up paying excess luggage costs. 

    Don't forget your umbrella - it's been a wet summer so far.
  • wow!! thanks so much for the detailed breakdown! it really helps,i appreciate it so much ;)
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