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A question about Visa for Libya

edited August 2014 in - North Africa

My nephew is planning to go to Libya in the region of
North Africa and want to go there alone for one month trip. He is 15 years old.
Let me know can he apply for visa and go there alone. Is it allowed for
children to go to abroad alone? 



  • This is a terrible idea.
  • Niky, Anya is absolutely right, Libya is a really bad option right now. It really isn't safe! Especially for a young foreigner travelling alone who, by the sounds of things, has got very little knowledge of the country and the continent. Most governments currently advise against all but essential travel to Libya. There are so many far more stable and rewarding African countries to visit! If you let me know what kind of thing he is hoping to experience and why he is going I may be able to recommend a better option.
  • Sending a 15-year-old anywhere alone is risky, but Libya is in complete upheaval as there is currently no functional government. If your nephew wants to travel he should choose somewhere else.
  • Very helpful posts Anya K and Ella Johnson!
    I must suggest my nephew to avoid the Libya travel alone and refer him to
    read your views. It may help to change his decision. 

  • The decision should not be your nephews on where to travel. As responsible adults, all relatives should become involved in the decision of where he goes and at his age, he should be accompanied by an adult. 
  • I agree wholeheartedly Johnk9159. This boy is a minor child and should still be under the guidance of his parents/guardian/family.
  • edited July 2014

    You are absolutely right johnk9159 
    and Alethia!
    A child should take any decision in the guidance of his parents and responsible
    adults because they know what is better for him. 

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