Interest in Tanzania Tourism ( Hotels mostly)

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Tanzania is one of the richest countries in terms of Tourism ( wildlife, hotels, natural resources). Finding a right hotel on right budget and standards can be hectic. It would be great to liaise with interested parties on tourism in Tanzania :-)


  • I never visited Tunzania. Can anyone tell more about tanzania. Which hotel is cheap and good for accommodation? in which season i can go there?

  • Hey Jerry are you still interested in visiting Tanzania?
    if yes please let me know i can help you organize the cheapest safari, Mount Kilimanjaro climbing or any tour of your interest.

  • For those interested, the best time to visit Tanzania is the dry season, in January and February, when it is hot and the game viewing is at its best. Ideally travellers should avoid the rainy season, between March and June, as the roads get muddy and can be difficult to traverse.
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