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Can one get Schengen visa while in the UK (currently holds UK Visitor Visa)


Can someone please guide me on the following...

My father-in-law (Pakistani) is in the UK on UK visitor visa and wants to apply for Schengen visa from UK.

Please advise if he can apply?



  • Yes he can apply for a Schengen visa whilst he is in the UK
  • hi Alethia in line with this topic,il take the opportunity to ask if its true once granted a Schengen visit visa couples can get married their?(British and non EU) :D
  • It depends on the marriage law of the Schengen country they are in.
  • hmmm do you know if its allowed in Denmark perhaps? hehe :D
  • They can marry in Denmark if the non EU person has a valid Schengen visa
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