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ATL tours

edited June 2014 in - South Africa
Are these travelling agents for real? I've been trying to get hold of them,I think I got robbed


  • You need to provide a bit more information such as address and country where they are based. If they are in Ghana or Nigeria you probably have been robbed.
  • ATL Tours has come up a few times on this forum, and never in a positive light. Are you perhaps dealing with Ahmed Talaat Mohamed?
  • Good day Anya. I have sent you a few emails but never got a response.
    I am a Private investigator in JHB. I was mandated by one of the victims (commercial client who did design and publishing of advertisements for ATL Tours) to recover monies from Ahmed. I was then drawn in on the travel scam case by victims as well.

    Ahmed is currently still in custody (as of 8 January 2014) and is awaiting trial. He has been charged with more than 40 counts of fraud and theft.

    If you would like more info you can email me or call me. As a moderator I'm sure you have access to my contact details.

  • @FDS2014 thanks for that! Anya no longer works here, which explains the unanswered emails.
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