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Sightseeing recommendations in Athens

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What special places do you recommend in Athens or surrounding area? I'll be there for 2 1/2 days while waiting for a cruise to begin. Should I hire a guide or use the concierge to help? thanx


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    Hi Joyk, It's the first question I receive through the Travel Forum...I only registered a few days ago...
    Regarding your question, I would suggest you get a guide for the classical 3/4h tour of Athens. That would include Acropolis for 1h30m, walking around the traditional Plaka/Monastiraki/Thiseio area just under the Acropolis, and following a driving tour of all the important monuments around the center Athens. If you do that during day time, then you could also get a taxi, or rent a car (cheaper for you...) and head on the south part of the city, head towards Sounion, where you could also visit the Poseidon Temple and watch the sunset from that beautiful day. I could suggest local Tavernas where you can dine on your way back to the hotel. Out of Athens, you may visit Nafplion, the old capital of Greece, a very beautiful city with a magnificent castle on top...approx. 1,5h driving from Athens. If you're interested in Archaelogical sites, then Delphi is really important to visit for a day, approx. 2 hours driving from Athens. While in Athens, I could suggest restaurants or bars, If you give me some more information about what you like/prefer. Please note that we do work with the concierge desks of most major Athens hotels, and as i am preparing all tours for them, I know it's cost efficient for you to prebook everything than do that last minute with the concierge. You may also check our web site, although I would be more than happy to assist you in person in anything you might need, even If that It's just information. Kind regards, Nasos Bampalis
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    Thank you so much for your prompt response! We would like to do as much local things as possible, of course as well as the famous sites. We arrive at 2 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 14 and need to board the ship by Sunday, Nov. 16, 10 pm. We will probably want to board before dinner that day. Our 2 adult children and their spouses will arrive on Saturday morning. Since we are staying at the Grand Bretagne the first night, we feel as though we should enjoy that hotel and we can check out the local sites on Friday. We're not sure what the children will feel like doing on Saturday, but by afternoon, they should be ready to rock and roll. Your ideas sound wonderful! We love Greek food and enjoy activity since we are fit and love the outdoors--walking/hiking/biking is good for us. Please advise me to your fees--per hour, etc... I look forward to hearing from you, Nasos. We leave on Thursday from the states at 5 pm. Thanks again!
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    i am in Athens for Erasmus progmam,they are amazing! you can never get bored here! every day takes place some event. Unfortunately i will leave next week back to Germany..:( here you can find important informations like top 10 of Athens and everyday updates of events in Athens>
    its easy way how to find some concert or festival.

    have a nice summer
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    See the Word Travels Athens and Greece guides here:
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    greece althought not poor in history most of its ancient attractions except the parthenon are roman.below the acropolis is the well standing roman theatre of herodus atticus.near thision metro station is the amazingly restored (by the american rockfeler) roman agora.near constitution square(parliament)is another beautifull ancient roman site,that of olympius zeus.just arrond the corner from that stand the roman gate of hadrian.remember that the entry ticket to the acropolis allows you free entry to the temple of olympius zeus and another site that i cannot recall at present.
    however it is very important when in athens to pay attention to traffic.greece has the highest mortality rate in car accidents.greek drivers drive through red and pay little respect to pedestrians,elderly or disabled.almost everywhere there are parked cars where they should not,blocking those carrying babies or kids and the frail.
    as a city athens is the most polluted in europe and in the summer when it is 45 degrees the situation is unbearable.and summers are long and dry in really need an oxygen mask is also extremelly noisy with old motorbikes deafening you continously.
    the most popular food in greece appears to be the kebab.kebab shops are to be found anywhere you go.greeks also have a sweet tooth for the arabic/turkish deserts such as baklava,kataif or boureq.
    they spend hours upon hours outdoors drinking turkish coffee or another kind that looks like a soapy froath and taste even worse that the turkish one.
    do not expect the politness you are accustomed in northern or western countries.greeks speak very loud as if they are fighting and sound a bit aggressive.
    in general terms it is ok and if you appropriatelly prepare yourself you can have a good time.
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