Best diving spots for beginners?

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I am planning on getting dive certified and then taking a dive holiday somewhere warm and exotic. What are the best dive spots for beginners, where one can go and get a great dive experience without actually being very experienced or skilled. I am thinking of the Red Sea area and parts of Thailand which are great for those of us starting out.

Any other tips for top dive spots for beginners?


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    As you suggest The Red Sea is an excellent choice for beginners but do your research on the dive school.

    Another option would be Mauritius, I experienced some excellent diving there in an easy environment. Also consider the Caribbean, I learnt to dive in the The Turks and Caicos (not strictly Caribbean!) but one of the best reef systems in the world and a fantastic destination.

    I have never dived in Thailand so cannot over much help there. I would recommend going through a specialist tour operator such as Dive Worldwide who have excellent packages for beginner divers.

    Please do feel free to contact me if you would like any further information or would like us to provide any quotes, we work closely with a number of dive operators and can ensure the best price possible for you.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the advice Niall.

    Can you comment on where the best place is to learn how to dive. As I am in South Africa, the waters here are freezing so I wouldnt' mind doing a course in warm water where with pleasant conditions. Also I believe it can be far cheaper doing the initial course in another country (possibly Egypt?) and then using that same company for your dives. Are there any well known and/or great value dive schools out there that you or other people recommend?
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    Being in South Africa yourself then I would recommend Mauritius. Not a long flight and there are fantastic deals around at the moment. Not the cheapest option though.

    If you are looking to go to Egypt then I would recommend Dahab over Sharm, quieter and in my opinion, better diving. In Dahab I would recommend Reef 2000 - An excellent dive hotel in Dahab with fantastic rates would be the Bedouin Moon


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    Niall, great advice, thanks for the specifics! I have been to Dahab, but never dived, Just lazed around and ate banana pancakes to my regret now!
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    Check out this article on Best Diving Spots for Beginners on Word Travels:
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    David - I can highly recommend the Red Sea Jordan side. Aqaba is a good spot and you can easily visit other sites (always a bonus). the hotels are good and the dive companies have excellent instructors. If you want more info just let me know.

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    Two questions about amazing dive spots I have heard about:

    I have been told about a place in Mexico where you dive into this enormous current which takes you miles up the coast. The boats drop you off in one place and then pick you up at the other. Does anyone know where this place is? How experienced do you have to be to dive this current?

    (Not sure where in Mexico, but could be around Acapulco??)

    Then, there is a place off shore from Mozambique that is this extinct atol in the ocean - about 2 days boat ride from Mozambique. Meant to be one of the best places on earth to scuba. anyone know the name of it?

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