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Expired Dutch Passport

edited June 2014 in Visa and Passport
My girl had her Passport of which had expired in 2010 Stolen from Ghana Africa? She Has no Money to purchase and renew her Netherlands Passport: She is a white Dutch National from Holland and is in need to get over to the U K to be with Me who is a white English Born Subject: Is it possible that she could get out of Ghana without renewing her Passport: she was subjected to a Beating and also robbed of her Valuables and also an attempted rape upon her body? Can she be Reunited within her own country Holland without Her Passport 


  • How Much would it cost For a Dutch Passport in Accra Ghana: A dutch Passport of which Expired in 2010: of which was stolen?Is it true that if a Young woman who's life has been threatened in whom now through hardship cannot Purchase an airline Ticket  that the Dutch Authority Could Provide her with Safe Passage out of Ghana either into the Netherlands (Holland of where she was Born) Or to England: She has had an attempt on her life by Black youths where she was Hospitalized for over a week where the Bill had to be Paid (£500) She has but one Sister but is unable to help her in the Finance where I Now have spent my last Pound on Paying for her Upkeep Please do answer my Request 
  • Stop sending her money immediately. She should contact the Dutch Embassy in Accra... that's what they're there for! They can get her an emergency passport and send her back to the Netherlands, it's not your responsibility.

    I seriously doubt she's even Dutch though. This is a classic scam.
  • I am never ceased to be amazed at how gullible people are. Instead of asking questions they dish out money.

    For example,  people should be asking how she had survived in Ghana since losing her passport and why she had not been to the Dutch Embassy in Accra. The Dutch embassy can supply an emergency travel document free and assistance to return to Holland. Also where are her family and friends and other such questions, such as how has she supported herself in Ghana until you came along.

    This scammer cannot afford a passport but can pay a hospital bill of £500 yet Ghana has a national health service, so its highly unlikely she paid any money at all. 

    As Anya said this is a classic scam and you should get out before you lose any more money

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