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Query regarding German work visa

I have a query regarding the termination of my work visa in germany. I am from India and am currently working in Germany as an engineer. Due to my family circumstances, I have to return back to India at the end of next month. But since we have an important project going on, I can not leave my job for the next 3-4 months. I was wondering if it is not a problem when I go back to India, work there until the project has completed and then terminate my job.



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    How can you work in India when you are being paid to work on a project in Germany?  That is ridiculous.

    You chose to work in Germany and what family problem is worth losing a good job and visa. If your problem is so big you can resign at any time and go back to India. You don't get your cake and eat it.
  • If you want to work remotely, I suggest you speak to your company.
  • @Anya : Thank you for the valuable suggestion. I have already informed them of the situation and they are working of the available possibilities. I want to try my own ways since I am the one that proposed.
    @ Alethia : I am sorry that my query upset you. But hey, with all due respect, you dont need to be so condescending about an idea that others thought might work out. Nevertheless, thanks for the opinion you shared.
  • I'm not sure what your question is then. Will you be legally allowed to return to India? Of course! This matter is entirely between you and your employer.
  • My question is that if there would be any problem legally, if I worked in India for 3 months since I am not in Germany for that period of time. Also, when I terminate my contract after 3 months, how can I cancel my Work visa?
    Thank you :)


  • You don't need to terminate your work visa. If you stop working for your company it technically becomes invalid, and if you return to India but continue working it will simply expire when it says it does. EU countries have no problem with people leaving early, they're only concerned with those who overstay their visas.
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