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Groningen - The Netherlands

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I am wondering how Groningen, Netherlands got it's name. Was it named after someone? Did someone discover it? What does Groningen mean? I have done some research on the city and can not find out how it came by it's name.

Thank you for your help.



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    According to the dutch wikipedia it's origin is either a mythical figure from Troy, called Gruno, who settled there or Groen-inge, meaning 'green fields'. Which one of these it is, is not clear.

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    Thank you very much. I have been doing my genealogy and some of my ancestor's came from there. Their name is: Croninger (American version) and Groninger (European Version). So I was curious about the name of that area. My family asked for political refuge in America and it was approved so they came to the USA. It was around the Lutheran/Calvin reform period. Thanks again for the info...
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    How do I find out the train times from Schipol train station to Groningen?
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    I would like to know that, according to law, how much Euro a foreign student could curry in cash when entering Netherlands?
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