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Schengen visa for Netherlands


I have a question with regards to Schengen visa for Netherlands . I got a 1 yr multiple entry Schengen visa for Netherlands in UK in October 2013 and it's valid till October 2014 but duration of stay mentioned on my visa is 90 days.. I have been travelling since last October from UK to Netherlands and backforth for business reasons(work) , I lately realized it's been more than 90 days now and not sure how the border entry in Netherlands is still allowing me to move in and out wondering about these 90 days rule, can someone explain me..I don't want to take risk of travelling back to Netherlands knowing I am done with 90 days now though they are still allowed me after 90 days as well.



  • Raghu, A Schengen visa allows you to stay a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period 
  • Alethia, thanks for the response. I am confused can you be clear,,I have got 1yr Schengen Visa issued in October 2013 and valid until Oct 2014...when you say maximum of 90 days in any 180 day period do you mean I can still travel until my visa expiry as I have only travelled 100 days so far from last October.

  • The way I understand this rule is like this. Although the visa is for one year you can only use 90 days in any six month period. October 2013 to April 2014 is the first 180 day period in that  time you could stay 90 days
    Your next 180  day period starts  May 2014 to October 2014. If you overstay the 90 day periods you may have difficulty when you apply for your next  Schengen visa.

    A multiple Schengen visa does not mean you can come an go as much as you like.
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