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European Tour

edited July 2014 in Europe

Hi I need urgent help please. I will be going on a European tour at the end of September for 15 days. I am from South Africa and the tour starts in London so I would need to pay separately for my flight to the UK. The tour includes going to: Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, The Vatican City and France. I was told that I would need a British and Italian Schengen for this trip. Can anyone confirm this, can 1 Schengen Visa be used for multiple countries? What are the requirements for a visa application? What is the price?

Any extra advise would be highly appreciated....this would be my 1st time out of South Africa


  • You need to apply for a UK visa, and a Schengen visa. The Schengen visa will cover all the other countries on your tour, but you should get it from the first country you plan to visit. If this is Italy, then you need to apply at your nearest Italian Embassy or consulate. This site can help you with the requirements.
  • Hi,
    Schengen applications are accessible for free online or at the embassy that belong to the European Union.  Make sure to include all countries you are visiting for your European trip.

  • Note that it is sometimes possible to find the forms for free online, but there will be an application fee and you will need to apply in person.
  • Hi , if you have a Schengen visa, you must check how many entrance and exits you can mak e within the Schengen zone. But note that once you are in, you can travel from one to the other (without exiting) under a single visa use.
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