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UK passport help

edited July 2014 in Visa and Passport
Hi, I am looking at travelling to Thailand from the UK later this month and have just realised my British passport is due to expire early December. I also hold a NZ passport which is fine. From what I have read the NZ passport is fine for entering Thailand, If I show my UK and NZ passport departing and returning to the UK will this be ok? that will allow me to travel without worrying about renewing my UK passport untill I return?


  • You do not need to show both passports on departure from the UK just your British passport. Then enter and exit Thailand on your NZ passport re-entering the UK on your British passport.
  • So the UK authorities wont have an issue that my passport has less than 6 mths validity when departing the UK?
  • If you are a British citizen returning back to the UK you do not need six months validity on your visa as this is your home country. That is the same for any national returning to their own country.
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