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Visiting via cruise ship

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My friend and I are going on a cruise later this year and Venice is the only place where we will actually be at port for 2 days. My question is, rather than pay to have an excursion through the cruiseline both days, we would rather do that one day and save the other day to explore on our own. Can anyone tell me how expensive or difficult it would be to get transportation from the port to the city centre and back again? This is our first time to Europe. Thanks in advance!


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    Check out the Word Travels Venice Port guide - should have some useful information. Basically, it's very easy for you to get from the port to the city and Venice is very compact to you can easily explore on your own, using a guide book or even the Word Travels Venice City guide.
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    Unless you have mobility issues, I strongly advise you to explore Venice on your own steam. It will be cheaper, more fun and you'll have a better experience than if you were stuck in a large group. Buy a guide book or print out an online guide and you'll easily be able to plan a great two day excursion of your own. Enjoy!
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    The port is literally on Venice Island only minutes from the city. You should take a local water taxi through the Dudeka canal to join the Grand Cannal or passing St Marks Square on the way among many other exciting sights.

    we recently put together a Med cruise with a water taxi transfer to take you to your ship.
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    I am looking for a good hotel in Rome; near to the Spanish Steps for May. Any ideas?
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    This past October, my friend and I stayed at the Dei Borgognoni Hotel which is between the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. We found the hotel to be lovely with nice decorating and a very convenient location. The staff were all friendly and helpful as well. I recommend it.
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