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Ukraine Citizen- UK visa exemption for cruise ship passenger?

Hi travelers and cruisers,
We want to return to USA via transatlantic cruise from La Harve to Boston. I have a very easy question that no one can give me a straight and correct answer. Plus the GOV.UK web site does NOT address my needs.

I am a USA citizen. My wife is a Ukraine citizen. She has a USA Green Card and a Schengen visa to cover our entire transatlantic cruise. We want to cruise transatlantic from Europe to USA.  We embark the ship in France. We disembark in Boston. No worries.

However, the ship stops in Portland, UK from 0700 to 1600 hours (9 hours) and then on to Cork, Ireland from 1000 to 1700 hours (8 hours), then on to USA. The total time in UK and Ireland is 17 hours. There has been a 24 hour total time UK visa exemption rule for these kind of cruise ship passengers, but I cannot find any info good info about this on the www. My question is must my wife get a UK visa for this cruise? And what if she simply stays on board and elects not to go ashore at all? Still need a UK visa??? Please SHOW me the web site post info. Big thanks!


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