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UK student visitor visa

edited July 2014 in India and Asia
I have been granted UK student visitor visa with dates 16-6-14 to 16-12-14,(180 days) however my passport was delivered at 24-6-14. Now my plan to UK at August 03, 2014. my question is,  my scholarship is of six months and I want to complete my scholarship tenure. but If I leave the UK in January 2015 after completing 180 days. Will my passport be stamped as overstay. I need quick response please.I am Pakistani National.  


  • If you stay in the UK until January 2015 you will most definitely be an overstayer and will have problems , even be refused if you apply for any other type of UK visa.

    When you applied for your visa you were asked on the application form the date you wanted to travel and the date of your course. It is down to you to put the correct dates.  Delaying your travel until August is your choice  most people would be eager to be on their way.
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