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has anyone bin contacted by annabella begay

edited July 2014 in Africa
I've bin contacted by this women that claims to be stuck in Africa Lagos to be exact. After her n parents were in a car accident which she claims killed both mother n father. She says she's from USA Arizona claiming the hospital wont give her. Her plain ticket n passport back. Because of a 375 hospital bill. I haven't sent any money. She msg me on Facebook n goes by Annabella negative. Her profile gave me redflags. Does not seem to have any wall posts.n claims she has no family because her mother's from Mexico n father was adopted at early age. Claims to be half Mexican n half white.??


  • edited July 2014
    This is a classic scammer story. There are many such stories on this site, posted by people who have been tricked into sending money.

    Healthcare in Nigeria is not very good but in government hospitals it is free.

    The US Embassy is the first place any American would go to if they were in trouble outside their own country.

    Your instincts are correct , stay away from this person and stop all contact.
  • Thanks for ur input. Happy I didn't fall for this. Smh people these days. Take care
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