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Passport help

edited July 2014 in - Thailand
Hi, Im travelling to Asia next week and will be departing from the UK on an Australian passport

My Uk passport expires in September but I am returning End of August - will I have any issues departing the Uk on my british passport if they see it is due to expire within 6 months?? 


  • Are you saying you're returning to the UK at the end of August? What countries are you travelling to?
  • edited July 2014
    You DO NOT need to declare you are a dual national. In other words you do not need to show your British passport. You simply travel on the passport that has the longest validity, in this case your Australian passport.

    There is no problem returning to the UK on your British passport.
  • Will the british authorities not question my residence in the UK - I am asking this as my Aussie passport is fairly new and I havent travelled on it to date, will they not want to see proof of residency when I depart the UK?
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    At British airports there are no immigration officers who check who is leaving. Embarkation ( leaving) checks were cancelled in 1994. These days British immigration officers are interested on who is entering the UK not who is leaving. 

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