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Backpacking throughout SE Asia

edited July 2014 in India and Asia
I spent about 3 months in SE Asia, mainly in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.  I would highly recommend doing this, you can rent scooters for only 5 USD a day, and travel around a local village and countryside... it's pretty awesome. Even traveling alone, I felt pretty safe in these countries and everyone is so helpful. There are always petty theivery but very little violence. you just have to be smart about your surroundings.

I will be taking a trip to philippines soon to visit friends and tour a lot of the smalller Islands, hope to do a lot of kayaking and scuba. 


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     you should visit Bhutan, Land of Gross National Happiness. 
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    If you like small islands and Asia you should also try Maldives. Not the best place at all for backpacking but budget holidays are possible. We booked a 5 days cruise with some friends, food, excursions included, private boat for the 4 of us ! we couldn't afford resort holiday and we wanted to visit as much of Maldives as possible .Cruise was the cheapest solution (and the best one i think if you really want to experience Maldives ). It was FANTASTIC, this country is amazing ! snorkeling, deserted ilsand , local fishermen villages, sandbanks, underwater life, crazy lagoons, surfing & diving ....
    We will also go to Philippines soon as we heard so many good things about this country !
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